Una’s Tasks Guide Lost Ark

What are Una’s Tasks?

Una’s Tasks is an endgame quest system where you can complete special quests for various rewards. There are two types of Una’s Tasks, Daily and Weekly, each dictating how often you can redo these tasks in the game.

Daily Tasks, as the name suggests, can be done once per day, and Weekly Tasks, once a week. Daily Tasks can be seen as additional side quests around Arkesia, while Weekly Tasks revolve around more challenging content such as Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. You can run up to three Daily Tasks per day and three Weekly Tasks per week.

You will get Points for completing Daily/Weekly Missions in the Una’s Tasks menu. Collect enough points to get valuable currency called Una’s Tokens as a reward. Expect Una’s Tokens at 25, 35, 45, 55, and 70 points. You can exchange these tokens for Gold.

Una’s Tasks also feature a progression system called Reputation, where you gain Reputation as you complete the same Una’s Task multiple times. At max Reputation, you will receive additional rewards for completing the same tasks.

Lastly, Una’s Daily Tasks feature the same catch-up mechanic as Chaos Dungeons called the Rest Bonus, wherein missing daily quests will give you the chance to get double the loot on your next outing.

How to Unlock Una’s Tasks

You can unlock Una’s Tasks automatically after you complete the North Vern questline and reach Level 50 in Lost Ark.

Once you have reached Level 50 and have completed the North Vern questline, bring up the Una’s Tasks Menu by pressing Alt + J on your keyboard or by clicking on the Adventure button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Una’s Tasks Rewards

Una’s Tasks Rewards differ between Daily and Weekly Tasks. For the most part, you can get Roster XP from Daily and Weekly Tasks, but that’s where the similarities end.

Una’s Daily Tasks Rewards

Expect to get Roster XP, Reputation Points, a quest-specific reward, plus a potion that increases your character’s combat level by completing Daily Tasks. Completing Daily Tasks will also add around 2 points to your Roster Mission Points.

As mentioned previously, completing the same Daily Tasks will build your Reputation in the said task, and maxing out your Reputation in the said task will grant you a one-time bonus reward.

Una’s Weekly Tasks Rewards

As for rewards for the Una’s Weekly Tasks, expect to get substantially more Roster XP, Shards, a quest-specific reward, and a potion that increases your character’s Combat Level. Unlike Una’s Daily Tasks, you can add 12 points to the Roster Mission track by completing Una’s Weekly Tasks.

Unlike the Daily Tasks, Una’s Weekly Tasks do not feature one-time rewards, because Una’s Weekly Tasks do not have a Reputation track like the one found in Daily Tasks.

Una’s Tokens

You can get 2 and 12 points from completing Daily and Weekly Una’s Tasks, respectively. These points count towards your Roster Mission track, where you can get Una’s Tokens at 25, 35, 45, 55, and 70 points. You can exchange Una’s Tokens for various Gold Chests.

Where do you use Una’s Tokens?

You can exchange Una’s Tokens at the Gold Shop NPC found in many major cities in Lost Ark. Look for the golden Trade Merchant NPC icon on your map or type Trade Merchant in the World Map search bar to find the Gold Shop’s location.

The Gold Shop offers three items – a Hefty Gold Sack, a Small Safe, and a Large Gold Chest, with the Large Gold Chest offering the most Gold. You can purchase these items for 80, 200, and 500 Una’s Tokens, respectively.


You can do up to three Una’s Dailies per day and up to three Weekly Tasks per week, which means you’ll easily be sitting on a ton of rewards every week from Una’s Tasks alone. Una’s Tasks are one of the best ways to farm Roster XP, Shards, and Gold in Lost Ark, so try to incorporate these tasks into your daily grind in Lost Ark for the best loot.

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