Fever Time Guide Lost Ark

What is Fever Time in Lost Ark?

Fever Time is a recurring event where you can get extra rewards by participating in Fever Time events and by logging in daily and staying logged in for some time in Lost Ark.

There are two aspects to the Fever Time Event in Lost Ark – Fever Time Events and Fever Time Login Event.

In the Fever Time featured events, you can get extra rewards on top of the expected rewards by participating in the featured events – Co-op Battles, Proving Grounds Competitive, and Proving Grounds Team Deathmatch.

As for the Fever Time Log-in Event, you can get rewards there by simply logging in on a specific date and for a specific duration while Fever Time is active.

Fever Time Login Event mechanics can differ greatly from one event instant to another. For example, the Arktoberfest Fever Time Event featured two reward tracks: the Daily Login Reward and Growth Reward, where players could log in daily and receive Daily Login Rewards or log in and stay logged in and get enhanced rewards via the Growth Reward Event.

The January 2023 Fever Time Fever Time event is simpler, only featuring rewards such as a Collective Battle Item Chest and a Una’s Instant Complete Ticket.

How to Join Fever Time

If you’re looking to join PvP Fever Time Events, you can check Procyon’s Compass for available Fever Time events and participate in those to get extra rewards after the event. If you’re only after the Login Rewards, you can check the Fever Time menu. Keep in mind that Fever Time Event requirements can differ from one Fever Time Event to another, so it’s best to check the Fever Time menu for event mechanics and schedules.

In the Fever Time Event menu, you will find the current Fever Time Event Guide, event schedules, and the current rewards you can expect to get for participating in the event. Click on the Fever Time icon in the upper right corner of the in-game HUD to view the Fever Time menu.

You don’t have to do anything special to join Fever Time in Lost Ark. Simply follow the Fever Time Event Guide or join in Fever Time featured events to get rewards.

Fever Time Event Start Date and Time

The Fever Time Event can be a weekend-only event or a week-long daily event where you can get various rewards for logging in. The January Fever Time Event features the latter and runs from January 10-17.

Login time for the current event is from 02:00 server time to 01:59 server time the next day. During that time, log in to Lost Ark and stay logged in for a bit to complete the Daily Event requirements and claim the current rewards offered.

Fever Time Rewards

Rewards for Fever Time vary greatly from one event day to another. In some of the previous Fever Time Events, you could get rewards such as Honing Shard Selection Chests, Honing Leapstone Selection Chests, Skins, Pheons, and more.

For the Fever Time Event from January 10-17, 2023, you get rewards such as a Collective Battle Item Chest and a Una’s Instant Complete Ticket (Daily) by staying logged in for 15 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively. The event rewards change daily while the event is active.


More loot is always a good thing in Lost Ark, and through the Fever Time event, you can get a decent amount of extra loot from PvP events or by simply logging in for a while in-game. The Fever Time event rewards and mechanics can vary greatly from one Fever Time instance to another, so it’s best you check the Fever Time menu for updated event mechanics, rewards, and schedules.

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