Gear Transfer Guide Lost Ark

What is Gear Transfer for?

Gear Transfer is a nifty feature that lets you transfer your current gear’s Honing Levels to another item. If you have an item that you’ve already upgraded a few times, but then find a better item that you want to use instead, you can use Gear Transfer to get the new item up to the previous item’s Honing Levels without spending extra Fragments or Harmony Shards.

You can use Gear Transfer to transfer Honing Levels to any tier, but it works best when used on same-tier items. Gear Transfer works at a 1:1 ratio for same-tier items, but you can also use Gear Transfer to get a small Honing Level boost when moving from a max Honing Level lower-tier item to a higher-tier item.

For example, if you have a +15 Tier 1 item, you can use Gear Transfer to transfer the Tier 1 item’s Honing Levels to a +0 Tier 2 item. By doing so, the Tier 2 item will receive a +1 Honing Level. The item you take Honing Levels from will be consumed in the process, but this shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll want to move up to higher-tier gear anyway.

Where to Find the Gear Honing NPC?

You can find the Gear Honing NPC in any capital city or zone in Lost Ark. Look for a hammer icon in a zone’s market area to find the Gear Honing NPC or use the Map Search function to pinpoint the Gear Honing NPC’s location on the map.

The Gear Honing NPC is a one-stop shop for Honing Gear and Gear Transfers in Lost Ark. If you’re looking to use the Gear Transfer feature only, make sure you carry some Silver as you’ll need some to use the Gear Transfer option.

How to Transfer Gear in Lost Ark

To use Gear Transfer, talk to the Gear Honing NPC in any major city or zone and select Gear Transfer. In the Gear Transfer menu, you will find a list of items on the left and right-hand side of the menu. The left side lists all gear that you can transfer Honing Level to, while the right side lists items where Honing Levels will be taken from.

When transferring Honing Levels between gears of the same tier, you essentially take the Honing Levels of your old gear and transfer that to the new piece of gear. You will also get the previous item’s Set Bonus, Stat Increases, Honing EXP, and Artisan’s Energy.

However, if you’re transferring Honing Levels from a lower tier to a higher tier, you will only get +1 on the higher-tier item IF the lower-tier item is a +15. For example, when a +15 Tier 1 item is used for Gear Transfer for a Tier 2 +0 item, the Tier 2 item will become a Tier 2 +1 item.

Is Gear Transfer worth it?

Gear Transfer is not only worth it; it is essential in getting the most out of your upgrade materials in Lost Ark.

Upgrade materials are hard to come by and require hours upon hours of grinding to collect. Through Gear Honing, you essentially recycle old gear Honing Level and transfer them over to better gear while spending only Silver in the process.


Gear Transfer can be a very confusing upgrade mechanic in Lost Ark but it is also one of the most important. As you play through the game, you will encounter multiple types of items in various rarities. These items carry a unique set of effects and bonuses that you’ll want to use to maximize your character’s strengths and suit your playstyle.

If you’ve already spent a fortune upgrading your current gear through Gear Honing, you can use Gear Transfer to transfer those Honing Levels to get the same Honing Levels on new gear with better quality, effects, and bonuses.

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