How to Get the Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark

What is a Chamkuri Mount?

The Chamkuri Mount is a rideable land animal in Lost Ark. As with all types of mounts in the game, the Chamkuri Mount is account-bound and can be used by all characters on the same account, regardless of their respective servers.

Chamkuri is a land mount that looks like a cross between a Llama and a Rooster, featuring a Llama-like head with a Rooster-like tail. The Chamkuri Mount has a maximum speed of 420 and features a skill called Run, which allows it to run faster than the base 420 for three seconds.

There are multiple Chamkuri variants in Lost Ark, with the most basic variant being the Dawn Chamkuri and the most sought-after being the Tropical Chamkuris from the Tropical Chamkuri Selection Chest.

How to Get the Chamkuri Mount

The Dawn Chamkuri is the only Chamkuri Mount that you’re guaranteed to get in Lost Ark. You can get the Dawn Chamkuri as a reward for completing a quest from Wizard Digne in Rohendel. To unlock that quest, however, you must first have at least Item Level 460 and have completed the Shushire questline.

You could also get one of five Tropical Chamkuris by simply logging for 20 consecutive days in Lost Ark back in February 2022. The 20th Milestone Login event featured a Tropical Chamkuri Selection Chest, which contained the following Chamkuri variants:

  • Soda Chamkuri
  • Mango Chamkuri
  • Berry Chamkuri
  • Peach Chamkuri
  • Kiwi Chamkuri

Is the Chamkuri Mount good?

The Chamkuri Mount is really good in Lost Ark. Not only does it look adorable but it also possesses great speed thanks to its Run ability.

The Chamkuri is arguably better than basic mounts such as the Frost Wolf or the Dyorika/Yudia/Loghill Horse, as these mounts do not have any bonuses. However, Terpeions will beat the Chamkuri in terms of bonus abilities, as those have vanity poses alongside a brief speed-up ability that works similarly to the Chamkuri’s Run.

What is the rarest mount in Lost Ark?

The rarest mount in Lost Ark is arguably the Golden Terpeion, simply because you can only get that mount after you’ve achieved 100% completion in 14 Adventurer’s Tomes in the game.

The sheer time and effort required to unlock and acquire the Golden Terpeion naturally make it the rarest mount in the game. There likely aren’t a ton of players that have completed 13 Adventurer’s Tomes in Lost Ark, even two years after being released.


It’s only a matter of time before you can add a Chamkuri Mount to your stable in Lost Ark. Play through the game’s main storyline and complete the Shushire questline so you can access Rohendel and get the quest that unlocks the Dawn Chamkuri from Wizard Digne. Complete that quest and you should receive a free Dawn Chamkuri mount as a reward.

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