How to Get the Chamkuri Mount

What is the Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark

The Chamkuri Mount is a land mount in Lost Ark that looks like a cross between a Llama and a Chicken. These mounts can come in either a Rare or Legendary rarity.

Rare Chamkuri Mounts will have a mount speed of 420 and have the skill ‘Run’, while Legendary Chamkuri Mounts will have a base mount speed of 450 and can have Run, I Can Fly!, Superpowers, and Magick Dance Skills depending on the variant.

Is the Chamkuri Mount a good Mount in Lost Ark?

The Chamkuri is one of the more unique mounts in Lost Ark with its bright pastel-like colors and unique Llama/Chicken hybrid look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong with any Chamkuri mounts in Lost Ark.

Some Chamkuri mounts will also travel faster than other mounts in the game. More specifically, Legendary Chamkuri mounts, such as the Mango Chamkuri, Peach Chamkuri, and other hybrid-colored Chamkuri, will have a slightly faster mount speed of 450 versus the typical 420 mount speed found in most mounts in the game.

Best Chamkuri in Lost Ark

The Best Chamkuri in Lost Ark in terms of raw speed is the Dawn Chamkuri mount which features a ‘Sprint’ Skill instead of the typical ‘Run’ found in all the other Chamkuri Mounts in the game. Sprint gives the Dawn Chamkuri marginally faster burst speed with a 9-second cooldown compared to Run’s 12-second cooldown.

However, if we’re talking strictly about the best-looking variants, then any of the hybrid-colored Legendary Chamkuri mounts will be very good as well. These come in many eye-catching hybrid colorways such as Mango, Peach, Soda, and Kiwi, among many others. Other Legendary Chamkuri mounts can have exclusive vanity skills with unique animations as well.

How to get the Chamkuri Mount in Lost Ark

Limited Chamkuri mounts such as the Mango, Peach, Soda, Kiwi, and Berry Chamkuri can only be acquired through the 20th-day celebration in Lost Ark. Players could get the Legendary Chamkuri mounts as login rewards by simply logging in to the game.

The Dawn Chamkuri can be acquired after you complete the Shushire quest, which will lead you to Rohendel, where you can acquire the Dawn Chamkuri after completing Digne’s request.

Other Legendary Chamkuri mounts can only be acquired from a limited-time event in Lost Ark or through the Lost Ark Market.


The Chamkuri is a great mount to have if you’re looking to run around Arkesia in style. These Llama/Chicken hybrid mounts feature bright eye-catching colors and the very important speed-boost skill that lets you cover more ground faster in-game.

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