How to Get Better Ships in Lost Ark

What are Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark?

Blueprints are materials that are used to upgrade Ships in Lost Ark alongside Timber and Ship Parts. Upgrading a ship will increase the vessel’s attributes such as durability and speed, giving it the ability to travel faster from one continent to another and survive harsh conditions along the way.

You can only upgrade ships twice in Lost Ark, but each upgrade requires a sizable amount of upgrade materials – Blueprints included.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to acquire Blueprints in Lost Ark.

How to get Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark?

You can get Ship Blueprints from the Traveling Ship Merchants in Lost Ark, specifically, the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel found in Anikka, North Vern, and many other ports in the game.

You can also get Ship Blueprints from Trade Merchants in your Stronghold. Look for Duekhyeon, Illayne, Rami, Tago, and others. Some events in Lost Ark give out Ship Blueprints after you complete them as well.

Some in-game events will also give out Blueprints as rewards. Sometimes, the Daily login rewards will also have a Blueprint up for grabs.

Best Ship to Build with Blueprints Lost Ark?

The Estoque is arguably the best ship you can use in Lost Ark right now, making it the best Ship to upgrade with your hard-earned Blueprints.

The Estoque does not excel in any particular stat compared to other ships in Lost Ark, but it offers the best reliability thanks to its superb resistance to many sea conditions such as Kelp Beds, Siren Seas, Cold Snaps, and many others.

How to get better ships in Lost Ark?

Other ships can be unlocked and acquired after you complete specific story arcs in Lost Ark. Below are other ships that you can acquire in-game and how to unlock them:

  • White Wind – Complete the Anikka main story.
  • Sturmbrecher – Complete the North Vern main story.
  • Eurus – Rear reputation level three in the Ride Like in the Wind Una Daily Task.
  • Brahms – Reach reputation level four in Lopang Island Una Daily Task. (Special Delivery tasks)
  • Tragon – Complete the Aiwana Island Roster Quest and reach reputation level four in Hypno’s Eyes Una Daily Tasks.
  • Astray – Requires Crafting in Blackfang’s Den. Requires the following materials:
    ○ Astray Construction Blueprint
    ○ Astray Operation Manual
    ○ x570 Timber
    ○ x375 Uncommon Ship Parts
    ○ 10,000 Silver
  • Eibern’s Wound – Reach reputation level three in the Black Night Fog Una Daily Task.


Ships are essential vessels that allow you to travel from one continent to another in Lost Ark. Since ocean travel poses a ton of environmental threats, you will need to upgrade your ship to handle unavoidable obstacles at sea.

Collect as many Ship Blueprints as you can from various Traveling Ship Merchants and use them to improve your ship of choice’s seaworthiness in Lost Ark.

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