Collect Information About Prisoners in Lost Ark

What quest requires you to Collect Information About Prisoners?

The quest Anytime Anywhere is a quest that requires you to collect information about prisoners on Kalthertz in Lost Ark. In Anytime Anywhere, you must collect three instances of “Collected Information” – an RNG item drop from releasing random prisoners on Kalthertz.

Anytime Anywhere is a Level 1 Roster Quest that is unlocked after you complete the Kalthertz quest Daughter In Peril. It is part of a seven-quest Main Quest Chain on the island.

Where is the Anytime Anywhere Quest in Lost Ark?

You can find the Anytime Anywhere Quest on Kalthertz in Lost Ark. Kalthertz is located south of Shushire and east of Vern. You can only get to Kalthertz by sailing via your ship.

Anytime Anywhere is a quest you’ll eventually take on Kalthertz. It is the quest you get after you complete the first two quests on Kalthertz – Kalthertz and Daughter in Peril. Talk to Informant Nison on the island; he will ask you to interrogate prisoners on Kalthertz regarding his daughter’s whereabouts.

How to Collect Information About Prisoners

The only way you can collect information about prisoners in Anytime Anywhere is by using Pirate Coins to free prisoners on Kalthertz. You are allowed to free up to five prisoners daily.

You can find prisoners in both the eastern and the southeastern end of the island. The prisoners you find in the former will cost significantly more Pirate Coins (1800 per prisoner) while the prisoners in the latter only cost between 100-300.

To collect information about prisoners, simply talk to the prisoner you want to release and then pay the fee to release them. Soon after, you should receive mail from the same prisoner.

After you free a prisoner, you will receive mail that contains a Chest of Reward. Look for the red Mailbox icon on Kalthertz, then check the mailbox to find and open the prisoners’ mail. The Mail should arrive right after you free a prisoner, but The Chest of Reward may or may not contain information about Nison’s daughter.

Remember, however, that not all mail prisoners send you will contain information about Informant Nison’s daughter’s whereabouts. You have to keep freeing prisoners on Kalthertz until you get three Collected Information from the mail, only then will you be able to complete the Anytime Anywhere quest.

Anytime Anywhere Rewards

The main rewards for completing the Anytime Anywhere quest in Lost Ark include:

  • Courage +3
  • Roster XP – x370
  • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) – x4
  • Silver – x12,000
  • Pirate Coin – x2,100

The rewards list for completing the Anytime Anywhere quest doesn’t look like much, but you should be able to get even more rewards as you attempt to collect the three Collected Information from opening multiple Chest of Reward.

It is also worth noting that some players reportedly received more valuable rewards from freeing more expensive prisoners on the island. However, because rewards and chances of getting the Collected Information item are down to RNG, buying more low-cost prisoners versus a few more expensive ones might be the better option.


Collecting information about prisoners on Kalthertz is simple but requires lots of resources, particularly Pirate Coins. Fortunately, there are cheaper prisoner options on the island, allowing you to buy out multiple prisoners and increase your chances of getting the Collected Information item required to complete the Anytime Anywhere quest.

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