How to Complete the Wall of Procyon Quest in Lost Ark

What is the Wall of Procyon Quest?

The Wall of Procyon Quest is a Level 1 Guide Quest you can find at Vern Castle in Lost Ark. You can get this quest from Queen Ealyn, who will ask you to upgrade the Estoque, White Wind, or Sturmbrecher so you can cross the Wall of Procyon safely.


The Wall of Procyon quest is part of a series of Guide Quests that show you how to upgrade your ship in Lost Ark. The quest after the Wall of Procyon requires you to cross the grueling Wall of Procyon on your current ship.

However, a weak ship will not be able to withstand the power of the wall, as Queen Ealyn herself mentions in the quest. Hence, Queen Ealyn has called you to give you some basic upgrade materials for your ship.

How to Complete the Wall of Procyon Quest

You only need to talk to Queen Ealyn to complete the Wall of Procyon Quest in Lost Ark. You can find Queen Ealyn in Vern Castle after you complete the Guide quest “A New Voyage.”

Queen Ealyn will talk to you about the dangers of the Sea of Procyon and how a weak ship will not be able to survive the Sea of Procyon’s waters. To help you prepare for your journey, Queen Ealyn will give you ship upgrade materials, which you will need for the next Guide Quest called “Ship Upgrade.”

Wall of Procyon Quest Rewards

As mentioned previously, you will receive basic upgrade materials from Queen Ealyn for completing the Wall of Procyon Quest in Lost Ark. Aside from the upgrade materials, you will also get Roster XP and some Silver for completing the quest.

  • Roster XP x723
  • Basic Timber x30
  • Uncommon Ship Parts Material (Bound) x7
  • Silver x235

What is the best boat to level up in Lost Ark?

The best boat to level up in Lost Ark is the Estoque due to its great all-around performance in all sea conditions, decent base sailing speed, and above-average durability.

At Level 10, the Estoque is the only ship in Lost Ark that sports an even resistance to all sea conditions with 30 points for all sea conditions, making it a very reliable ship for exploring the entire map in the endgame. Its Base Sailing Speed of 23.8 knots is also very good even when compared to the game’s fastest ship, the very expensive Astray. Durability is also a strong point for the Estoque, boasting a Durability of 6560 points.

In addition to the Estoque’s very balanced attributes, its repair costs and ship crew are comparatively cheaper compared to any other ship in the game, making it one of the most cost-effective ships in Lost Ark.


The Wall of Procyon Quest is a simple Guide Quest that will give you the materials you need to complete the next Guide Quest in the series “Ship Upgrade.” The upgrades you make to the Estoque will help make your ship more durable as you explore the Sea of Procyon in Lost Ark.

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