Medeia Island Guide Lost Ark

Where is Medeia Island?

Medeia Island is located in the Glacier Region south of Rowen and Shushire in Lost Ark. If you’re coming from Port Krona on Vern, sail north and just between the Rayan Current and the Wall of Procyon and you should find Medeia Island.

Medeia Island is an Adventure Island that only appears according to a specific schedule in Procyon’s Compass. Check the Procyon Compass menu to find the island’s next spawn time. It is also worth noting that the island is a PvP island that recommends at least Item Level 250.

How to Get the Medeia Island Soul

You can get the Medeia Island Soul as an RNG drop from the item Medeia’s Gift. You can get Medeia’s Gift by participating in the Medeia Island PvP Quest.

The Medeia Island PvP Quest starts 3 minutes after the first player enters Medeia Island. All participants will be split into two teams and set to compete in a PvP battle where players pick up the Mirror of Arcturus and press the Q button to absorb it. The first team that reaches 1300 points in the PvP Quest wins and receives Medeia’s Gift and Silver as a reward.

Are there Mokoko Seeds on Medeia Island?

You will find two Mokoko Seeds on Medeia Island, both located in a secret area at the southernmost end of the island.

You can pick up both Mokoko Seeds without any problems as the only thing between you and the Mokoko Seeds is a breakable boulder between the steps and the cliff. You can useyour normal attacks or skills to break the boulder and collect the Mokoko Seeds.

Can you solo the Medeia Island Soul PvP Quest?

Unfortunately, you can no longer solo the Medeia Island PvP Quest in Lost Ark. The ability to do the Medeia Island Soul PvP quest has been removed from the game and now requires at least four participants to start the Medeia Island PvP Quest.

The minimum participant requirement is a problem that many players on inactive servers will have trouble with. Not only will it be difficult to find three other players to participate in the PvP Quest regularly, but you’ll have to visit and complete the Medeia Island PvP Quest multiple times since the Medeia Island Soul is an RNG drop from the PvP Quest reward Medeia’s Gift.


Medeia Island is a pretty simple island that offers a fun Adventurer Island PvP Quest that gives you a chance to get the Medeia Island Soul. Aside from the PvP Quest, you can also find two Mokoko Seed to add to your collection on the island.

Unfortunately, if you’re playing on a less populated server, you might have trouble finding enough players to start the Medeia Island PvP Quest since the devs have removed the ability to solo the Medeia Island PvP Quest.

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