Where is Blackfangs Den in Lost Ark

Where is Blackfang’s Den?

You can find Blackfang’s Den in the Sea of Gienah, southeast of Tortoryk, and southwest of Anikka. Blackfangs Den is very close to East Luterra, and you can sail east from Wavestrand Port to get to Blackfang’s Den.

Blackfang’s Den is surrounded by Tempest Waters, and while your ship won’t be exposed to Tempest Waters for too long, you still might want to use a ship that has decent resistance against Tempest Waters.

Who is Blackfang?

Blackfang is a pirate and captain of the Black Fox in Lost Ark. She is known as a charismatic pirate who led a quest to find the Great Pirate Bloodclaw and appears in four main quests in the game:

  • In Search of Pirates
  • Find Blackfang’s Crew
  • Rescuing Blackfang’s Crew
  • Blackfang’s Whereabouts

Blackfang is also a Rapport and Merchant NPC in Lost Ark. You can purchase the following items from her on Blackfangs Den:

  • Emote: Taunt
  • Emote: Roar
  • 8th Giant’s Heart
  • Sail Glyph: Honor

Building Rapport with Blackfang is also essential, especially if you’re looking to get one of the best ships in the game in the Astray.

Blackfangs Den Rewards

Despite not explicitly being called an Island, Blackfang’s Den is still very much an island in Lost Ark, and as such, features various quests that you can complete to get rewards. Below is a full list of Rewards you can expect to get for completing quests on Blackfang’s Den.

  • Blackfangs Den Island token
  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x5
  • High Seas Coin Chest x10
  • Pirate Star: Astray
  • Certificate of Pirate
  • Creation Fragment x5
  • Pirate Coin x40,000
  • Kindness +1
  • Courage +2

Do you need to Rapport with Blackfang for Astray?

Yes, you need to reach Trusted Rapport with Blackfang to build the Astray in Lost Ark. You cannot complete the quest that gives out the rest of the Astray crafting materials without reaching Trusted status with Blackfang.

After you purchase the Pirate Star: Astray quest from Navigator Rosa, you need to reach Trusted Rapport with Blackfang to complete the Pirate Star: Astray quest, only then will you get the rest of the item requirements to build the Astray.

This part of the Astray requirement is rarely mentioned in guides, and therefore many players end up wondering why they still can’t build the Astray even after they have collected all the necessary requirements.


Blackfang’s Den is home to one of Lost Ark’s most popular Rapport NPCs in Blackfang. Not only will you find Blackfang on Blackfang’s Den, but you will also find numerous quests that give out various rewards after you complete them. Finding Blackfangs Den is fairly simple as well as the island is located just east of the East Luterra Port southeast of Tortoyk and Southwest of Anikka.

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