Cross Server Guide in Lost Ark

How to play with friends from different servers in Lost Ark?

You can play with friends from different servers in Lost Ark through the Group Finder/Find Party Function in-game. There are multiple game options to choose from, giving you and your friends plenty of content to explore and enjoy.

You can find the Community button in the bottom right corner of your UI in Lost Ark. Click the Community button and you’ll find the Find Party option within.

Inside the Find Party window, you’ll find a list full of cross-server activities that you and your friends can partake in. These include:

  • Raids (Guardian, Challenge Guardian, Abyss, Legion)
  • Midnight Circus: Rehearsal
  • Phantom Astalgia Deja Vu
  • Dungeons (Chaos, Abyssal, Challenge Abyssal)
  • The Cube
  • Boss Rush
  • Platinum Field

You first need to create a Group and select the type of activity you want to play from the options above so your friends can search for your lobby name easily through the Find Party window.

Add a Lobby Title then configure the lobby by filling in the Objectives drop-down options.

After you’ve created the Lobby, ask your friends to search for your Lobby Title through the Find Party option in their copy of Lost Ark.

Make sure you and your party members meet the minimum item level or Raid Level if you want to play the various cross-server options through Find Party. You can check the minimum item level by cycling through the various options under the objectives section in the Create Lobby options.

Can you add friends from cross-server in Lost Ark?

No. You cannot add friends from cross-server to your Friend List in Lost Ark. Certain in-game functions are server specific in Lost Ark:

  • Guilds
  • Friends (list)
  • Islands
  • Open World
  • Strongholds
  • Guild versus Guild
  • Life Skills
  • Arena Premade

As mentioned in the previous section, you can only play with friends from other servers through the Group Finder/Find Party option in Lost Ark. Even then, you still won’t be able to add your friends to your Friend List.

How to add friends from cross-server in Lost Ark?

Unfortunately, you cannot add friends from different servers to your Friend List in Lost Ark. To add friends to your Friend List, you and the person you want to add have to play on the same server.

You can still play with your friends from cross-server through the Group Finder/Find Party option.

What can you do cross-server in Lost Ark?

You can play the following game modes cross-server with friends in Lost Ark:

  • Raids
  • Dungeons
  • The Cube
  • Platinum Fields
  • Auction House
  • Character Name
  • Boss Rush
  • Ranked PvP Arena

If you have friends playing from a completely different server to yours, you can invite them to join your Party through the Find Party option. All members need to be at least Raid Level 1 to partake in cross-server Raid activities That aside, all other options should be playable cross-server.


While the cross-server options in Lost Ark might seem limited to some players, you have to remember that other similar games might not offer cross-server options at all.

With that said, the list of game modes available through Lost Ark’s Group Finder/Find Party option should give players from different servers plenty of content to enjoy.

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