Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark

What is Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark?

Crystalline Aura is a premium subscription service that you can buy from the in-game Shop for 420 Blue Crystals.

Crystalline Aura provides a number of bonuses:

  • Tipod Cost Waiver
  • Liner 50% Discount
  • Daily NPC Affinity Interaction +1
  • Life Energy Recovery +10%
  • Bifrost Slot +2
  • Song of Return Cooldown -50%
  • Stronghold Research Time -10%
  • Stronghold Craft Time -10%
  • Stronghold Dispatch Time -10%
  • Stronghold Action Energy Recover Speed +10%
  • Free ultimate Stress Buster In Stronghold
  • Crystal Benefactor Title

You can purchase Crystalline Aura by itself or as part of a bundle.

There are three Starter Pack Bundles that include a 30-day Crystalline Aura subscription in Lost Ark. The Apprentice Starter Pack, Explorer Starter Pack, and Vanquisher Starter Pack costs $19.99, $34.99, and $64.99, respectively, and include a 30-day Crystalline Aura subscription alongside various other in-game items.

How to Get 6 months of Crystalline Aura?

You can get 6 months of Crystalline Aura by purchasing the Level Complete Pack from the Lost Ark Shop. The Level Complete Pack will give you 2600 Blue Crystals, which you can then use to purchase 6 30-day Crystalline Aura instances from the Lost Ark Shop.

To do this you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new character on a different server
  2. Use a Powerpass to level the character to 50 instantly.
  3. On the new character on the new server, purchase the Level Complete Pack from the Lost Ark Shop. This will instantly level up the character to level 50 and allow you to claim the 2600 Blue Crystals instantly from the Level Complete Pack.

Alternatively, you can just spend a ton of money on six individual 30-day Crystalline Aura purchases from the Lost Ark shop.

Is Crystalline Aura Character Bound in Lost Ark?

Crystalline Aura is not character bound in Lost Ark. Crystalline Aura covers an entire account, which means that if you activate the Crystalline Aura from a different server, your characters from a different server will receive the benefit as well.

Feel free to purchase Crystalline Aura on your main character and then create a different character from a different server. The new character will still receive the Crystalline Aura effects all the same.

Does Crystalline Aura Stack in Lost Ark?

Yes, Crystalline Aura can stack in Lost Ark. This means that you can buy another 30-day Crystalline Aura Subscription from the Lost Ark shop to add on top of your existing Crystalline Aura Subscription.

For example, if you have 20 days left on your current Crystalline Aura Subscription, purchasing a 30-day Crystalline Aura Subscription from the Lost Ark shop will extend the duration to 50 days.


Crystalline Aura provides numerous bonuses in Lost Ark. However, you have to make sure that the bonuses the subscription provides are worth the price you pay for it in the shop. Otherwise, you will only be wasting money that you could’ve used on something else.

Make sure you try the six-month Crystalline Aura method featured above to save money on your next Crystalline Aura subscription.

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