Lost Ark Fishing Guide

What is Fishing in Lost Ark?

Fishing is one of many Trade Skills in Lost Ark that gives you the ability to collect resources and materials from bodies of water around the game known as fishing spots.

You can get Uncommon or Rare materials by fishing in Lost Ark but the rarity of the materials depends on how high your Trade Skill level is for fishing. In addition, you can only get Upgrade Materials and Materials used for crafting Food through fishing in Lost Ark.

Fishing is dependent on the Work Energy resource, which means that if you run out of Work Energy, you won’t be able to go fishing in Lost Ark until you recover your Work Energy. The good news is that this resource regenerates every 10 minutes.

How to unlock Fishing in Lost Ark

You can unlock fishing in Lost Ark by completing the Crown of Lakebar quest, which subsequently unlocks a series of Guide Quests that will teach you how to engage in all Trade Skills in Lost Ark. Fishing can be unlocked after you complete the Mining Guide Quest.

Eventually, you will be able to purchase Trade Skill Tools which lets you partake in the appropriate Trade Skill activities.

Lost Ark Fishing Abilities

There are four different Fishing Abilities in Lost Ark – Float Fishing, Throw Bait, Barrel Fishing, and Net Casting.

  • Float Fishing: the default fishing skill when you first go fishing in-game. Casts your fishing rod’s line into the water.
  • Throw Bait: You’ll get a better chance of getting better fish through Throw Bait. (Unlocked at Level 10 Fishing Ability)
  • Barrel Fishing: Barrel Fishing will allow you to use barrels to trap and catch fish. You can leave the barrel trap in the water for a while to gather fish continuously. (Unlocked at Level 20 Fishing Ability)
  • Net Casting: At Level 30 Fishing Ability, you will get random Off the Hook buffs while fishing normally. Net Casting will use 5 instances of Off the Hook buffs to catch several fish at once (Unlocked at Level 30 Fishing Ability)

How to Fish in Lost Ark

After you’ve unlocked Trade Skills and bought a Fishing Tool from a Trade Skill tool merchant, you can start looking for bodies of water that have a fish hook icon on them. These are fishing spots where you can cast your line and catch fish.

With the Fishing Tool and Fishing Spot secured, switch to Trade Skills mode by pressing ‘B’ on your keyboard and press the assigned keybind for Float Fishing to start fishing.

Wait for the fish to approach your bait, then when a ‘!’ icon pops up, press the Float Fishing button again to drag your line and catch the fish.

Alternatively, you can set up your barrel, or cast your net if you have the more advanced Fishing Abilities unlocked.

What is the best way to get fish in Lost Ark?

There are four ways to catch fish in Lost Ark – Float Fishing, Throw Bait, Barrel Fishing, and Net Casting. However, Barrel Fishing is arguably the best way to catch multiple fish reliably in-game.

Barrel Fishing will allow you to set a barrel in water and leave it there to gather fish passively. The longer you leave the barrel in the water, the more fish you can catch.

With that said, Throw Bait and Net Casting are also very good ways to catch fish. Throw Bait will increase your chances of getting a rare Golden fish while Net Casting will allow you to catch a lot of fish instantly.


It won’t take too long before you unlock the Fishing Trade Skill in-game. You only need to complete the Crown of Lakebar Quest, follow the Guide Quests, and acquire a Fishing Tool to start fishing in-game.

With the Fishing requirements met, you can start looking for bodies of water and begin fishing to gather Food and Upgrade Materials in Lost Ark.

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