How Does Currency Exchange Work in Lost Ark?

What Currencies are used in the Lost Ark?

There are 12 different types of currencies in Lost Ark – Royal Crystals, Blue Crystals, Gold, Silver, Peons, Rift Shards, Pirate and Voyage Coins, Emerald/Sapphire/Citrine Shards, Courage Tokens, Silmael Crystals, Carnelians, and Estate Orders.

Like most MMORPG, each of the currencies listed above serve a specific purpose in game. However, of these 12 currencies, only three are used in the Lost Ark Shop – Royal Crystals, Blue Crystals, and Gold. Some items in the Lost Ark Shop can be bought with real money directly, but these are pretty rare.

How does Currency Exchange work in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark offers a Currency Exchange feature that lets you swap your Royal Crystals for other types of currency such as Blue Crystals or Gold.

The Currency Exchange menu works more like an auction house for exchanging Royal Crystals for Gold and Blue Crystals, as you simply put up an offer in the Currency Exchange Menu and wait for other players to agree to your Currency Exchange offer. You can put up to 10 listings per day.

You cannot buy Blue Crystals directly with Royal Crystals as well. You first need to exchange your Royal Crystals for Gold and then use the Gold to purchase Blue Crystals.

To use the Currency Exchange feature, simply head to the Lost Ark Shop or talk to the currency exchange NPC in Luterra Castle:

Then click on the ‘Currency Exchange’ button in the lower right corner of your screen:

In the left half of Currency Exchange menu, you will find the current sale price offers for Gold and Blue Crystals.

The upper left part will show you the recent prices for Gold and Crystals.

In the bottom right part of the menu, you have two options – Purchase Gold and Buy Crystals. Simply enter the amount of Gold or Crystals you want to purchase using Royal Crystals.

The amount of Gold you get for the minimum amount of 238 Royal Crystals can fluctuate depending on your server.

How to Exchange Royal Crystals for Gold?

The amount of Royal Crystals required to purchase Gold will show up in the section just below the ‘Quantity’ section. Enter a random amount to get a quick estimate on how much Royal Crystals you need to purchase the ‘Sale Price’ of Gold.

The Quantity refers to multiples of the Minimum Transaction Amount, which, in this case, inputting ‘1’ will put you at a Purchase Cost of 238 Royal Crystals.

There is no transaction fee when purchasing Gold using Royal Crystals. However, keep in mind that Blue Crystals are exchanged at a rate of 100 Blue Crystals.

How to Exchange Royal Crystals for Blue Crystals

You cannot purchase Blue Crystals directly using Royal Crystals. To purchase Blue Crystals, you need to exchange you Royal Crystals for Gold first. Refer to the section above to exchange your Royal Crystals for gold.

With Gold secured, Enter the Quantity you want to purchase to get a quick estimate on the amount of Blue Crystals you can get for the equivalent amount of Gold. Then click on ‘Add’ to add your listing in the Currency Exchange.

A transaction fee of 5 Blue Crystals is standard for all Blue Crystal purchases through the Currency Exchange menu.

Is Lost Ark Currency Account Wide?

Most currencies in Lost Ark are server-wide, which means all your currencies are shared between all your characters in a specific server. This includes Gold, Silver, and other currencies such as Providence Stones.

Having server-wide currency will allow you to use your hard-earned currency from one character and use them on another character, forgoing the need to grind the same amount of currency all over again when starting a new journey with a different character from the same roster.


Most transactions in the Lost Ark Shop start with Royal Crystals. Royal Crystals cannot be farmed in-game and can only be bought with real-world money. With Royal Crystals, you can buy most items in the Lost Ark Shop such as Chests, Packs, Skins, and more.

However, not all items in the Lost Ark Shop are purchasable with Royal Crystals. Most Mounts & Pets, for example, can only be purchased with Blue Crystals, which is why you’ll need to know how to exchange your Royal Crystals for Gold and then swap your Gold for Blue Crystals.

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