How To Get the Cerberus Mount In Lost Ark?

What is the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark?

The Cerberus is one of many Mount variations available in Lost Ark – a rare Mount that also features the highest potential Mount speed of any Mount in the game.

Aside from its high Mount speed potential of 500, the Cerberus also has the unique ability to double-jump, making it one of the game’s fastest and most mobile Mounts.

The Cerberus is arguably the most exclusive Mount in the game that could only be acquired through a pre-release item pack called the Platinum Founders Pack. The Cerberus exists in limited numbers in Lost Ark, and can only be obtained through the Market.

How to get the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark?

There are two ways to get the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark – the Platinum Founder’s Pack or by purchasing the Cerberus Mount Selection Chest from the in-game Market.

The first method is no longer available as The Cerberus Mount was part of the exclusive Platinum Founder’s Pack that sold for $99.99 ahead of Lost Ark’s February 11, 2022 release date. Right now, the only way you can get a Cerberus Mount is by purchasing the Cerberus Mount Selection Chest from the Market.

If you bought the Platinum Founter’s Pack while it was available last year, you would have a three-day early access to play Lost Ark and get access to a slew of exclusive loot – the Cerberus Mount Selection Chest included.

The Platinum Founder’s Pack was available for a limited time only, which means only a small number of players have acquired the pack, and by extension, the Cerberus Mount. Check the Market regularly to get the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark. Just be ready to pay a pretty penny for this ultra-exclusive Mount.

Can you still get the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark?

You can still get the Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark through the in-game Market.

Every now and then, a Cerberus Mount Selection Chest or two will be available for purchase in the in-game Market. Unfortunately, Cerberus Mounts sold through the Market will have eye-watering price tags that reflect the mount’s rarity.

How Much is the Cerberus Mount in the Lost Ark Market?

Right now, the Cerberus Mount can go for as much as 200,000 to 300,000 Gold when looking at the prices of recently sold Cerberus Mounts in-game.

Some players have reportedly been able to purchase the Cerberus Mount for as little as 3,000 Gold last year, but just a few years later, that number has already skyrocketed to the hundreds of thousands.

Some Cerberus Mount owners have expressed their intention to keep the Mount until the Market value for the Mount increases further. If supply and demand are anything to go by, then these players can expect a steady price increase as the game continues to thrive, as the Cerberus Mount is a one-time exclusive Mount that most likely never be released again in Lost Ark.


Players who dove into Lost Ark headfirst and purchased the Platinum Founder’s Pack while it was available back in 2022 should have the pleasure of owning one of the most sought-after Mounts in the game; the Cerberus Mount.

If you’re looking to acquire the Mount for yourself, you can do so through the in-game Market. While the prices are already pretty high right now, you can expect the Cerberus Mount to gain even more value as time goes on, as there’s a limited number of these Mounts circulating in the game.

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