How to Use the Bifrost In Lost Ark?

What is the Bifrost in Lost Ark?

The Bifrost is an instant teleport mechanic that’s available to all players in Lost Ark. You can think of it as essentially a fast-travel option that lets you teleport to any marked location instantly.

Arkesia is a vast world with multiple continents, and each continent will feature its own unique set of time-specific activities and tasks that you’ll want to complete on time. While you can travel between continents easily by land or ship, these options will take a long time and might cause you to miss important events on other continents.

The Bifrost will allow you to teleport to specific areas around Arkesia instantly by simply setting a teleport point that you can come back to at a later time.

How to Use the Bifrost in Lost Ark?

To use the Bifrost, press Alt+W to bring up the Bifrost Menu. Under the Bifrost Menu, you can click on ‘Save Location’ to mark your current position as a recall location. You can save multiple points in the same location if you wish to do so.

After saving a location, you can start using the ‘Move’ button, which will teleport you to a saved location instantly. Unfortunately, you can only use the ‘Move’ button once every two hours, so spend your teleports wisely. Also, you will need to spend a bit of silver to use the Bifrost but this amount is almost negligible.

You can, however, pay to use the Bifrost again through Blue Crystals. But since Blue Crystals aren’t cheap, it might not make sense to spend valuable currency just to move to another continent instantly.

How to Unlock more Bifrost Slots?

The easiest way to unlock more Bifrost Slots is by purchasing a Crystalline Aura subscription, which will give you two extra Bifrost slots instantly. You can unlock two more Bifrost slots by collecting Bifrost Keys.

You can unlock up to two Bifrost Keys. To unlock the first Bifrost Key, you need to grind and improve your Roster Level to Level 60. The second Bifrost Key can be unlocked by collecting 9 Ignea Tokens.

Having only one Bifrost key will limit your ability to teleport between points around Arkesia quickly. Fortunately, you can unlock four more Bifrost slots and use those while your other Bifrost slots are on cooldown.

Is the Bifrost Worth it?

The Bifrost is worth it if you’re looking to grind time-specific events across Arkesia. If you’re not in a hurry, however, you can just take your ship and sail to your desired continent.

With that said, you can easily get two extra Bifrost slots just by purchasing a Crystalline Aura subscription. Aside from the extra Bifrost slots, you can get a ton of other bonuses from Crystalline Aura, making it a worthwhile investment if you find yourself jumping from one continent to another frequently.

On the other hand, getting the two extra slots via Bifrost Keys is very doable as well. The time savings they provide when moving between continents may very well be worth it if you’re doing multiple events in different areas of the game daily.


In Norse mythology, the Bifrost is a legendary rainbow bridge that connects Midgar to Asgard, and while it doesn’t look anything like a rainbow bridge in Lost Ark, it serves a similar purpose of granting teleportation to its users to basically any location they wish in the world.

If you’re just looking to escape dungeons every now and then, the Song of Escape will suffice for your use case. However, if you’re one of those players who find themselves jumping from one continent to another frequently will find the Bifrost to be a valuable tool that can save them a ton of time in the long run.

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