How To Get Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark?

What are Ignea Tokens for in Lost Ark?

Ignea Tokens are Relics in Lost Ark that you can get from completing your character’s Adventurer’s Tome in-game.

There are a total of 15 Ignea Tokens and each represents various regions in the game such as Yudia, West/East Luterra, North Vern, and others. By collecting the required items in each region for your Adventurer’s Tome, you will get the respective Ignea Token for the region.

The number of Ignea Tokens you collect will unlock the corresponding rewards at any Exchange Ignea Tokens NPC in most cities in Lost Ark.

How to get Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark?

You can get Ignea Tokens by completing Adventurer’s Tome for specific regions in Lost Ark.

To obtain the items required to progress in the Adventurer’s Tome, you must complete activities such as Quests, beating specific monsters, collecting specific ingredients for Cooking, and many others. The number and type of Quests you need to complete to get the necessary items for Adventurer’s Tome vary from one region to another.

Check the Codex for a list of items you need to collect to get 100% completion in your Adventurer’s Tome in a specific region. Collect all the items required for each region, and you will get the corresponding Ignea Token for that region.

How many Ignea Tokens can you get in Lost Ark?

There are 15 Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark, each representing a region in the game:

  • Retharmis
  • Yudia
  • West Luterra
  • East Luterra
  • Tortoyk
  • Annika
  • Arthetine
  • North Vern
  • Shushire
  • Rohendel
  • Yorn
  • Feiton
  • Punika
  • South Vern
  • Rowen

If you manage to collect all the challenges for all 15 regions in the game, you will be able to get all 15 exclusive Ignea Token rewards from the Ignea Token NPC in most Taverns in the game.

Collecting all fifteen Ignea Tokens will be well worth your time and effort since you can get Rare and Legendary-tier Mounts, stat-boosting potions, and Skill Runes.

What can you do with Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark?

You can unlock exclusive items by collecting Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark. To claim these items, simply talk to the Exchange Ignea Token NPC in any city in the game.

Some of the most notable Ignea Token Rewards include an Epic White Scarab Mount, a Bifrost Key, and the Golden Terpeion Mount. Of course, these are just three of fifteen Ignea Token Rewards you will eventually collect by completing your Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark.


Ignea Tokens and Ignea Token rewards are the devs’ way of incentivizing the thorough exploration of the world of Arkesia.

To complete your Adventurer’s Tome and receive the corresponding Ignea Tokens in Lost Ark, you will have to scour every nook and cranny in all 15 regions in the game. This will expectedly take some time to complete but the journey will be worth it as a slew of rare and exclusive rewards await those who can collect all 15 Ignea Tokens in-game.


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