Best Engravings for the Deathblade in Lost Ark

Engravings for the Deathblade Class in Lost Ark

Like most classes in Lost Ark, the Deathblade gains access to Engravings at Level 50. Deathblade Engravings include Remaining Energy and Surge – both provide powerful buffs that can completely change how the Deathblade class plays in PvP or PvE.

Remaining Energy

Remaining Energy increases the duration of Deathblade Arts, effectively delaying the start of Identity Skill meter depletion by two seconds. The Deathblade can also gain increased movement speed, attack speed, and attack power for 30 seconds each time a Deathblade Art attack is used.


Surge gives the Deathblade the ability to deal more damage through Surge Enhancement Stacks. While Deathblade Arts are active, the Deathblade can gain Surge Enhancement Stacks by landing attacks that aren’t default attacks or Awakening Skill-based attacks.

The Deathblade can collect up to 20 Surge Enhancement stacks, each stack increasing damage output by 7.5% while Deathblade Arts is active. When Deathblade Arts end, all remaining stack will refill the Surge Enhancement meter by 5%.

Best Engravings for the Deathblade in Lost Ark

Both Remaining Energy and Surge are viable Engravings for the Deathblade, as both provide powerful buffs that improve the Deathblade’s DPS against enemies in both PvE and PvP.

More players, however, are leaning towards the Remaining Energy build, as it is the more straightforward Engraving that does not have to follow a ton of requirements or management in battle.

With that said, you can supplement both Engravings with ‘generic’ Engravings that increase damage output and reduce charge-skill wind-up times.

  • Cursed Doll – Gain a 16% damage buff at the cost of -25% reduced healing from allies.
  • Grudge – Gain 20% more damage when fighting Bosses or high-level monsters. Reduces incoming damage taken by the same amount.
  • Master of Ambush – Gain 25% more damage on your base attacks.
  • Super Charge – Decrease charge skill wind up by 40% and increase damage by up to 20%.

What stats are most important for the Deathblade in Lost Ark?

Deathblades can benefit a ton from more damage and decreased Identity Meter charge-up times, allowing the Deathblade to dish out more DPS more frequently through Deathblade Arts.

Since the Deathblade relies on Deathblade Arts to deal the most damage, you will want to invest in the Specialization stat as your primary stat, so you can charge up your Identity Gauge faster and enter Deathblade Arts more often.

To deal even more damage in both normal mode and Deathblade Arts mode, level up your Crit stat as your secondary stat.

The Specialization and Crit-focused build will work well with either the Remaining Energy or Surge Engraving build for the Deathblade, which means you can easily transition between these two Engravings without too much trouble.

Is the Deathblade easy to play in Lost Ark?

The Deathblade is one of the more demanding classes to play in Lost Ark, but it is also one that is very rewarding and engaging. Playing the Deathblade well requires a good understanding of boss attack patterns to maximize the Deathblade’s charge attacks.

Because the Deathblade is a melee class, expect to take extra damage when fighting monsters and bosses in Lost Ark. However, as you learn the ins and outs of Deathblade’s gameplay, you should have no trouble avoiding incoming damage through the Deathblade’s superior mobility while dealing massive damage of your own.


The Deathblade’s Engraving options give her an equally potent PvP and PvE build that allows her to dish out the massive damage potential the class is known for in Lost Ark.

You can’t go wrong with the Remaining Energy or Surge Engraving in Lost Ark. Pick the Engraving that you prefer playing the most and build up your Specialization and Crit stats to deal as much damage as possible in just about any endgame content in-game.

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