Where to Find Basic Timber in Lost Ark?

What is Basic Timber in Lost Ark?

Basic Timer (also known as Normal Timber) is an uncommon item that’s used to build and upgrade ships in Lost Ark. Basic Timber is unsellable, indestructible, and cannot be dismantled. It can be acquired from merchant ships for 250 Pirate Coins.

Aside from merchant ships, some Trade Merchants that visit your Stronghold will sometimes have Basic Timber in their inventory as well. You can also acquire Timber through Logging. Make sure to check the Trade Merchant in your Stronghold often if you’re looking to stock up on Basic Timber for your next ship upgrade.

Where to find Basic Timber in Lost Ark?

Basic Timber can be bought from Merchant Guild Ships as well as from some Trade Merchants visiting your Stronghold. You can also acquire Timber through Logging.

When buying from Merchant Ships, you will need Pirate Coins to purchase Basic Timber. Each Basic Timber will cost 250 Pirate Coins. On the other hand, purchasing Basic Timber from Trade Merchants will typically cost you a couple of seals.

How much Basic Timber is needed to upgrade ships in Lost Ark?

You will need 180x Basic Timber for ship upgrades from Level 1-5 which will cost a total of 45,000 Pirate Coins.

Basic Timber requirements for upgrading ships in Lost Ark are the same for all ship types across all ship levels. With that said, you only need Basic Timber at upgrade Levels 1-5 on your chosen ship. After which, Basic Timber won’t serve any further purpose in ship upgrades.

Where is the best logging spot in Lost Ark?

The best logging spot in Lost Ark is at the Bilbrin Forest in the West Luterra area, followed by Croconys Shore in East Luterra.

These two zones will contain a ton of wood nodes scattered across the area. Chop down trees to get Basic Timber required to perform research in your stronghold or upgrade your ships in-game.


Basic Timber is a requirement for upgrading ships in earlier levels. Ships such as the Estoque, White Wind, Tragon, and all the others require Basic Timber for upgrading through Level 1-5 in Lost Ark.

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