How to Get the Tragon in Lost Ark

What is the Tragon in Lost Ark

Tragon is a ship owned by a pirate called Blue-Eyed Calvasus that was built to fend off invaders attempting to attack Hypno’s Eyes Island. The Tragon is one of many ships that you can build in Lost Ark and has a durability score of 3700 with a base sail speed of 18 knots.

Tragon Base Stats are as follows:

  • Kelp Beds +6
  • Sandstorm Seas +11
  • Siren Seas +3
  • Cold Snap Seas +3
  • Tempest Seas +14
  • Dead Waters +3
  • Base Speed 18

The Tragon is a mechanical armored ship in Lost Ark that’s exceptionally resistant against Tempest Seas and Sandstorm Seas. It is unlocked by completing Hypno’s Eyes Quest in Una’s Daily Tasks.

Is the Tragon a good ship in Lost Ark

The Tragon is great against Sandstorm Seas and Tempest Seas, with stat ratings of 26 and 54, respectively. However, the Tragon has terrible resistance against other water conditions such as Kelp Beds, Siren Seas, Cold Snap Seas, and Dead Waters.

The Tragon features a Base Speed of 18 Knots, which is quite slow compared to other ships in Lost Ark, and has a base Durability of 3700, which is only marginally better than the Estoque.

Some players suggest skipping the Tragon altogether if you’re looking to craft the Ghost Ship or Astray later in the game. Sticking with the Estoque and upgrading it to level 11 seems to be the way to go, as the Estoque is statistically better all-around compared to the Tragon.

How to get the Tragon in Lost Ark

You can unlock the Tragon ship by reaching level 4 in reputation in Hypno’s Eyes Quest in Una’s Daily Tasks. By completing Hypno’s Eyes Quest, you will receive the Predator of the Sea: Tragon item, which will allow you to start the island quest on Aiwana Island.

The Tragon is a less balanced ship overall compared to the Estoque but it is great against Sandstorm Seas and Tempest Seas.

It might not be worth grinding and upgrading the Tragon, however, as the Estoque is a good enough ship until you can get better ships such as the Astray or Eibern’s Wound later in the game.

What is the best ship in Lost Ark?

The Estoque is the best all-around ship in Lost Ark, featuring high resistance against many sea-related conditions such as Kelp Beds, Cold Snap Seas, Tempest Seas, Sandstorm Seas, Siren Seas, and even Dead Waters.

Despite being the first ship you’ll ever get your hands on in Lost Ark, the Estoque is already a very capable ship that can handle almost anything you can throw at it in-game. Aside from its well-balanced Attributes, it features an above average Base Speed of 20.


The Tragon is likely the next ship you’ll get after the Estoque. However, despite being one of the first ships you can get in-game, the Tragon ends up being a less balanced ship compared to the Estoque, placing the Tragon in an awkward position amongst other ships in Lost Ark.

Due to the Tragon’s limited capabilitie, it might be best to stick with Estoque and grind for the Ghost Ship or the Astray instead.

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