Express Missions in Lost Ark

What is an Express Mission in Lost Ark?

The Lost Ark Express Mission is a limited-time event that’s meant to encourage players to try out different classes in Lost Ark. The event itself is simple – players complete a series of endgame tasks and receive valuable rewards that will help with their endgame grind.

The Express Mission Event is meant to push players’ alt characters up to Item Level 1000 as quickly as possible

How to use Express Missions in Lost Ark?

You need to have a character that is Level 50 to take part in the Express Missions in Lost Ark. It is also recommended that you pick an alt character that’s below Item Level 1000, as main accounts that are above Item Level 1000 will not benefit from the event.

When you open the Event Menu, you will be prompted to pick a Level 50 character from your roster. Only one character may be chosen per roster, so make sure you pick an alt character with Item Level below 1000.

You can switch the character you assigned for the event later on, but you can only do this once.

Express Mission Rewards

Completing Express Missions will net you Gear, Battle Items, Honing Materials, Engravings, and Currency, among many other rewards. In addition, you will also get the Super Express Completion Chest by completing all Event Missions.

The Express Mission is meant to push alt characters to Tier 3 as quickly as possible in Lost Ark, which is why many of the event rewards include Honing Materials, Engravings, and Battle Items.

Are Express Missions worth it in Lost Ark?

Doing Express Mission in Lost Ark is worth it, as many of the rewards from completing event tasks give you valuable upgrade materials such as Honing Materials and Engravings.

The ultimate goal is to get the Super Express Completion Chest which contains the following rewards:

  • 1x Relic Rapport Selection Chest
  • 3,000,000 Silver
  • 20x Legendary – Rare Card Pack
  • 10x Legendary – Epic Card Pack
  • 3x Legendary Card Pack
  • 1x Legendary card Pack Selection Chest
  • 3x Legendary Rapport Selection Chest
  • 5x unidentified Legendary Stone of Soaring
  • 10x Sailing Coin Chest
  • 20x Epic Class Engraving Selection Chest
  • 20x Epic Battle Engraving Selection Chest
  • 20x Growth Support Epic Accessory Chest
  • 30x Creation Fragment
  • 10,000 Raid Seal
  • 10,000 Victory Seal
  • 10,000 Adventurer’s Seal
  • 50x Honor Leapstone (Bound)
  • 500x Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound)
  • 1,500x Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound)

Bonus Rewards also await players that can clear endgame content with specific conditions:

  • Clear Shadespire Floor 15 – 3x Entrance Ticket: Cube (Bound) and 20x Harmony Shard Pouch (M)
  • Clear Fatespire Floor 15 – 3x Entrance Ticket: Elite Cube (Bound), 5x Regulus’ Light Currency Chest, and 20x Life Shard Pouch (M)
  • Clear Boss Rush: Hall of Silence Level 9 – 20x Life Shard Pouch (M)
  • Clear Normal Cube with Gold or Better – 5x Regulus’ Light Currency Chest and 20x Harmony Shard Pouch (M)
  • Clear Elite Cube with Gold or Better – 5x Regulus’ Light Currency Chest and 20x Life Shard Pouch (M)
  • Clear Chaos Gate: Feiton – 1,000x Rift Piece.


Lost Ark has been out for quite a while in its home country, Korea, which means KR players have already completed all the current content that NA players are only getting started with in NA Lost Ark.

Smilegate is making efforts to narrow the gap between NA and KR through special events such as the Express Mission event in Lost Ark, which hopefully push players to Tier 3 content as quickly as possible in-game.

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