Deathblade vs Shadowhunter in Lost Ark

Is Deathblade a good class in Lost Ark?

The Deathblade is an excellent class and arguably the most fun you’ll ever have in a melee class in Lost Ark.

The Deathblade is known for its flashy combo-centric gameplay that lets it dart in and out of combat. The Deathblade’s Identity, Death Orb Meter, consists of three orbs that fill up every time the skills of the Deathblade land on its enemies. At full charge, the Deathblade can enter Arts mode, which increases the class’ attack speed, movement speed, and damage. Skill cooldowns are also reduced while Arts mode is active.

You can even activate Arts mode again to activate Blade Surge and deal massive damage to any single target. However, this will end Arts mode prematurely and remove all buffs it provides.

Deathblade is also one of the best PvP classes in Lost Ark and a lot of players find the Deathblade a great starting character that offers a fun gameplay experience that scales well in PvP and PvE.

Is Shadowhunter a good class in Lost Ark?

The Shadowhunter is a very good class in Lost Ark and one that is considered very easy to use in-game.

Like the Deathblade, the Shadowhunter belongs to the Assassin class and features flashy melee skills and attacks that deal a good amount of damage to enemies in Lost Ark. The Shadowhunter’s skills are pretty straightforward to use as well, making the Shadowhunter a great beginner class.

The Shadowhunter’s Identity skill, Shadowburst gauge, will slowly fill up each time you deal damage to enemies with Skills. However, Demon-powered Shadowhunter’s skills, such as Demonic Clone, Howl, and Decimate, will fill up this gauge much faster.

With Shadowburst filled up, the Shadowhunter can enter Demon Mode, which replaces all the normal Shadowhunter skills with a set of six high-damage Demon skills. HP and movement speed is improved by 20% while Demon Mode is also active.

What is the difference between Deathblade and Shadowhunter in Lost Ark?

The Deathblade’s gameplay revolves around combos and quick in-and-out movement to deal damage and, at the same time, avoid taking damage in battle. On the other hand, The Shadowhunter utilizes demon-powered attacks to deal heavy damage to enemies. In Demon Mode, the Shadowhunter can turn into a powerful demon that deals even more damage through a new set of six Demon-mode exclusive skills.

The Deathblade and Shadowhunter are more similar than they are different in Lost Ark, which is expected, as both belong to the same Assassin class. Both classes are melee fighters that utilize blades in battle. The Deathblade and Shadowhunter’s Identity Skill might seem different at first, but both aim to fill a gauge through skills to eventually activate a mode that gives a power-up for a limited time.

Both classes have low HP as well, which means that you have to be careful when going into the

Which Assassin class is better in Lost Ark?

If you want to play a class that rewards careful positioning and precise use of Skills, then you’re better off with the Deathblade. You’ll have a ton of fun stringing the Deathblade’s multiple skills into powerful combos that can make quick work of most enemies in Lost Ark.

If you’re looking to play a no-fuss class that does not require too much thought when it comes to skill use, then you’re going to want to give the Demonhunter a try. Demon mode can turn the Demonhunter into an even more powerful character that will decimate foes in a hurry.

Unless you’re aiming for the top of the ranking list in PvP, you won’t go wrong when choosing either class in Lost Ark. Both are great in their own right, and both have upsides and downsides that make them unique. The better of the two will come down to preference and your play style.


The Deathblade and Demonhunter are two excellent Assassin classes in Lost Ark that share a lot of similarities mechanics-wise but offer differing gameplay characteristics.

The Deathblade offers a more challenging gameplay that requires good reaction time and the ability to string multiple Skills into powerful combos. On the other hand, the Shadowhunter’s straightforward skills and powerful Demon Mode make it a great beginner class that can scale well into the endgame.


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