How to Ping Location in Lost Ark

What is Ping Location in Lost Ark?

Ping Location is an in-game communication feature that sends out visible map markers known as “ping” that is used to alert teammates of important points on the field, map, or world map.

Ping can be very useful in busy situations where you do not have time to communicate with your teammates through text chat. In this case, Ping location will allow you to mark enemies and alert your teammates about your intentions without having to type a single word in the chat box.

Pinging a location will also automatically send a ping notification through the in-game text box, which can help give your teammates a better idea about what or where you’re pinging on the map.

Where can you use Ping Location in Lost Ark?

Unfortunately, you can only use Ping Location in Dungeon Raids or any party-related content, such as PvP/PvE fights where it matters most. Lost Ark devs will not allow players to use the Ping function freely when exploring open areas to reduce onscreen clutter and spam.

This is a good thing, as less hectic areas on the map require less immediate communication, such as Pinging. In these cases, you should have enough time to type in your specific message to your teammates through your team’s chat box.

How do you Ping in Lost Ark?

There are three types of Ping in Lost Ark – In-game Ping, Mini-map Ping, and World Map Ping.

In-game Ping can be used in Dungeon Raids and PvP fights. Simply hold CTRL + Left-click on your desired location to send out a Ping to your allies.

You can use Mini-map Pings to alert teammates on specific spots on the Mini-map. Bring up the mini-map first by pressing the TAB button, then with the mini-map brought up, use the same CTRL + Left-click to Ping your desired location on the mini-map.

Finally, you can use the World Map Ping to alert a more general location on the Lost Ark World Map. Bring up the World Map by pressing the “M” button, hold SHIFT, then right-click on your desired location to Ping the World Map.


Ping location is a valuable communication feature that gives players the ability to notify their teammates of their intentions without the need to type messages in the chat box. Lost Ark gameplay can get very intense at times, making it impractical to AFK for a few seconds to send phrases to allies in the heat of battle.

Unfortunately, you can only use Ping location in some areas and situations in Lost Ark. This is a good thing, as limiting the use cases for Ping should reduce unnecessary notifications and clutter on your in-game HUD.

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