Differences Between Sorceress and Summoner in Lost Ark

Is Summoner a good class in Lost Ark?

The Summoner class is a great Mage class in Lost Ark that combines a very approachable and relatively laid-back gameplay with high damage potential.

The Summoner relies on summoned familiars that help in battle. The summons deals a bulk of the Summoner’s damage output and is smart enough not to need too much intervention in battle. Aside from the summoned familiars, the Summoner also possesses skills that can damage or debuff enemies in a small area. Some of the Summoner class’ abilities also provide buffs to her and her familiars.

If you’re looking for a class that requires very little active input, then you must try the Summoner class in Lost Ark. Despite having more laid-back gameplay, the Summoner will deal respectable damage with the right build and items.

Is the Sorceress good in Lost Ark?

The Sorceress class is a powerful Mage Advanced class that’s easy to use and possesses the highest damage potential for any Mage through her powerful AoE spells.

The Sorceress class possesses one of the highest burst damage potentials in Lost Ark, and many players consider the Sorceress one of the best in terms of sheer DPS output. Her flashy abilities consist of large AoE magical spells that she can use to deal with mobs and bosses in the game. The Sorceress class is quite squishy (as most Summoner classes are), but the Sorceress also possesses abilities that help her absorb damage or teleport out of the way when things get too chaotic.

Overall, beginners and experienced players should have no problems progressing through Lost Ark’s main story all the way to endgame with the Sorceress class.

Differences between Sorceress and Summoner

The main difference between the Sorceress and the Summoner class is in their gameplay. While both classes rely on magic and spells to deal damage, the Summoner class relies heavily on a summons to deal damage and receive buffs, while the Sorceress uses magic to deal raw damage.

The Summoner class leans away from dealing burst damage through skills like the Sorceress. Instead, the Summoner’s kit features skills that stagger or provide buffs and exists to set up the Summoner’s Pets to deal as much damage as they can in battle. The Summoner also serves as a great setup companion to other classes that require careful aim and timing to land their most powerful abilities, such as the Marksman.

On the other hand, the Sorceress class is a full-on DPS class that aims to deal as much raw damage as possible through AoE skills. Depending on how you build your Sorceress, you might end up as a burst-damage-focused character or a relentless skill spammer – either one can deal massive amounts of damage to a large area.

Gameplay aside, the Sorceress and Summoner fall under the Mage archetype, which features female elf-type characters. As such, both Advanced Classes should look very similar to one another on the battlefield. These two classes might even be able to share skins with one another.

Which Advanced Class is more Beginner Friendly?

If you’re a beginner in Lost Ark, you’ll be better off playing the Summoner, as it is arguably the easier class to play than the Sorceress. You only need to focus on summoning the familiars that fight for you in battle and be mindful of your low cooldown abilities, so you can consistently dish out damage, albeit to a lesser extent compared to the Sorceress.

That said, the Sorceress isn’t too difficult to use either, as most of the Sorceress’ abilities have large AoE, which can help make aiming and landing skills much easier. The Sorceress also has a nifty teleport ability that can help it escape sticky situations when needed.


The Sorceress and Summoner cannot be any more different in their gameplay in Lost Ark. One relies on familiars to fight for them and deal damage on the battlefield, while the other commands the elements to bring forth tons of elemental damage to their enemies.

Whichever of these two Advanced Classes you pick, you can expect to deal a decent amount of damage and inflict powerful debuffs on enemies you come across in Lost Ark without too much effort.

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