Female Berserker in Lost Ark

Is there a female Berserker in Lost Ark?

Yes. While the female counterpart of the Berserker has yet to be released in Lost Ark, it has already been officially announced in a recent Lost Ark official event.

The new Warrior Advanced Class dubbed “Slayer” is said to be the long-awaited female Berserker class. As such, you can expect the Slayer to have a similar gameplay style to the Berserker albeit through a completely different move set.

When will the female Berserker arrive in Lost Ark?

The female Berserker, a.k.a. “Slayer” is set to arrive in Korea in January 2023. Given the delay between Korean releases and other regions in Lost Ark, it will be a while before other regions get a taste of the female Berserker class in Lost Ark.

Since the Slayer is basically the female counterpart of the Berserker Advanced Class, you will likely see similarities between these two Advanced Classes but expect Smilegate to give the Slayer its own unique gameplay characteristics.

Differences between the male and female Berserker in Lost Ark

Given the distinct differences between the male and female classes from other classes in the game, such as in Deadeye and Gunslinger, you can expect the Berserker and Slayer to be quite similar. The Berserker and Slayer class should feature a slightly different skill set but have a very similar playstyle and role in Lost Ark.

This is a good thing, as the devs have exerted effort into making male and female versions of the same Advanced Class distinct from one another, rather than simply giving the same class a different look.

Is the Berserker hard to play in Lost Ark?

The Berserker is an easy and very forgiving class to play thanks to its high HP and straightforward skills. Any player can pick up the Berserker and immediately be effective with the class in Lost Ark.

A quick look at most Class Tier Lists for Lost Ark PvP and PvE will give you a good idea of just how popular the Berserker class is in the game. This isn’t too surprising since the Berserker’s high HP makes it more forgiving in battle, while its high damage and stunning visuals make it a satisfying character to play in Lost Ark.


The release of the female Berserker is just around the corner, which means you’ll soon be able to try out and play a new Berserker counterpart that brings the gameplay characteristics you‘ve come to know and love from the class while bringing a new set of skills that should give the class a fresh gameplay perspective in Lost Ark.

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