Best Scrapper Builds in Lost Ark

Is the Scrapper good in Lost Ark?

The Scrapper is a very good beginner class in Lost Ark that packs good melee DPS in a mobile and durable package.

Depending on the Engravings you choose and build with the Scrapper, you can end up having a low-cooldown class that can spam skills and takes advantage of its high mobility to get in and out of battle (Taijutsu) or a burst-damage-focused build in the Shock Training build.

The Scrapper will be a very easy class to play regardless of the build you go for since Scrapper skills do not require mana management and you can regenerate skill energy by simply spamming the appropriate skills in battle.

Best Build for the Scrapper in Lost Ark

You can build the Scrapper using either the Taijutsu or Shock Training build in Lost Ark. Both builds have their pros and cons and you really can’t go wrong with either.

The Taijutsu build focuses on spamming the Scrapper’s yellow skills (Stamina Skills) whenever they are off cooldown. Spamming Stamina skills won’t be as punishing since you can just wait for skills to cooldown to land the next one (cooldowns are short with the Taijutsu build)

On the other hand, Shock Training focuses on green skills (Shock Skills) which deal more damage compared to the Taijutsu build. Shock skills also have longer cooldowns compared to Stamina skills, which means you need to have good precision and land clean with your skills to do effective damage.

In short, the Taijutsu build is more forgiving but deals less damage consistently, while the Shock Training build has the highest potential damage but is fairly slow and requires precise aim and timing.

More players prefer the Taijutsu build due to its spam-friendly nature which allows players to take advantage of the Scrapper’s high mobility skills.

Which Engraving is best for Scrapper in Lost Ark?

You can pick between Shock Training or Taijutsu when building your Scrapper in Lost Ark. The former will require you to maintain a specific skill rhythm to deal the most damage while keeping your Shock Meter up, while the latter will allow you to spam Stamina Skills to your heart’s desire but deal less damage overall.

Go for the Shock Training Engraving if you do not mind long cooldowns and have great knowledge of boss movements and attack patterns. This will ensure you can land your high-damage skills more consistently and be rewarded with high-damage output.

Go for the Taijutsu build if you like to play a fast-paced and spammy playstyle. The Taijutsu build will not punish you as much for missing skills but you will deal less damage overall.

How to play the Scrapper in Lost Ark

In boss fights, you will have to stand behind bosses and other targets to deal the most damage (+10% Crit Rate and +5% bonus for normal attacks when attacking from behind), but overall playstyle will differ a bit between Shock Training or Taijutsu

When playing Shock Training, you need to follow a specific set of moves to ensure your Shock Meter is always filled and you can deal the most damage through your Shock Skills. Follow the skill rotation below:

  1. Crushing Strike
  2. Supernova
  3. Charging Blow
  4. Death Rattle
  5. Fierce Tiger Strike
  6. Chain Destruction fist
  7. Potent Rising Fist
  8. Crushing Smite
  9. Roundup Sweep
  10. Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination Awakening

Make sure you’re always using Supernova first before using Death Rattle or you’ll mess up your Shock Meter management.

When playing the Scrapper with the Taijutsu build just to make sure to use your skills as soon as they are off cooldown to keep your DPS up. You will need to spam your skills as frequently as possible since you do not deal as much damage per skill in Taijutsu compared to Shock Training.


Like most melee classes in Lost Ark, the Scrapper relies on mobility and movement to close the gap between it and its targets, but as soon as the Scrapper is within striking range, the powerful melee class can unleash a continuous stream of skills through the Taijutsu build or deal massive burst damage through Shock Training.

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