Best Wardancer Builds in Lost Ark

What is the best Wardancer build in Lost Ark?

The best Wardancer build is the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Build which focuses on increasing Esoteric Skill damage. Since most of the Wardancer’s abilities are Esoteric Skills, picking an Engraving that increases damage output when using these skills is a sound decision.

Through the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engraving, the Wardancer can unleash powerful Esoteric Skill combos on enemies, which will come in handy when clearing enemies in PvE and will also help keep your DPS up in PvP.

Which Engraving is best for the Wardancer in Lost Ark?

The best Engraving for the Wardancer is the Esoteric Enhancement Engraving, which increases Esoteric Skill damage relative to the number of Esoteric Orbs you have charged up.

At Level 1, the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engraving adds 8% Damage per Esoteric Orb you have charged up. The Damage output improves to 10% at Level 2 and 12% at Level 3.

To increase damage even further, focus on Specialization and Crit Stats to give your Wardancer’s Esoteric Skills even more sting.

Best Wardancer Build in Lost Ark

Best Stats to Level Up

The best stats to level up when building the Wardancer are Crit, Specialization, and/or Swiftness stats.

Crit and Specialization will increase the Wardancer’s Esoteric Skill damage even further, which can increase DPS in PvP and help speed up mob-clearing in Raids.

On the other hand, Swiftness can help speed up the Wardancer’s Attack Speed and Movement Speed, which can help greatly with landing the Wardancer’s skills. Swiftness also improves Skill Cooldowns, which can help the Wardancer unleash Skills more frequently.


Choose the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engraving to give the Wardancer’s skills more damage.


  • Bleed – On skill hit, inflicts ‘Bleeding’ on your foe for 6s.
  • Conviction – On skill hit, has a 40% chance to imbue ‘Conviction’ to self for 3s. When in that state, ‘Judgment’ can be activated to gain additional effect.
  • Focus – MP Consumption -40%
  • Galewind – Skill Casting Speed improves by 14%
  • Judgment – Has 40% chance to remove ‘Conviction’ from self and increase Combat Resource REcovery and reduce Skill Cooldown for 6s.
  • Overwhelm – On skill hit, Stagger Damage 30%
  • Quick Recharge – Chance of all Coldown times -12% when skill is used.
  • Wealth – On skill hit, Identity Meter gains 40%

How to use the Wardancer in Lost Ark

While you can string your own combos and play the Wardancer with your own flair and style, certain skill combinations guarantee maximum damage output when clearing mobs and bosses in PvP and PvE.

Start off with Wind’s Whisper to gain increased Move Speed and Attack Speed. After which, transition into Roar of Courage to reduce the enemy’s Crit Resistance for 6 seconds. Follow up with Sky Shattering Blow > Moon Flash Kick > Flash Heat Fang.

Continue farming your Esoteric Orbs while waiting for your Wind’s Whisper and Roar or Courage. You can do this by using your other skills to fill up your Esoteric Orbs.

With full Esoteric Orbs and all your Skills off cooldown, you can start another combo using the same skills in the same specific order. You can also start with Call of the Wind God to summon a powerful tornado that will automatically damage enemies while you unleash your other melee skills.


The Wardancer can be a powerful class when used properly in Lost Ark. Focusing on Esoteric Skill-boosting Engravings and Stats can help the Wardancer deal more damage in PvE and PvP. Check out the Engravings, Stats, and Skill combos we have featured above to get the most out of your Wardancer.

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