Healers in Lost Ark

Is there a healer character in Lost Ark?

There are no dedicated healer classes in Lost Ark, but there are two hybrid classes that can provide some sort of healing to their allies in PvE or PvP – the Bard and Paladin.

The Bard is the closest thing to a healer class in Lost Ark and provides powerful damage buffs on top of her healing. The Paladin is also a support hybrid that can provide shields to allies and heal them over time.

Unlike most MMOs, Lost Ark does not follow the typical tank-DPS-healer trinity archetypes, which means that there are no dedicated classes in the game for those types of roles. Instead, SmileGate has made all classes capable of dishing out DPS while giving other classes the ability to provide buffs and heals as a sort of hybrid trait.

Is the Bard a better healer in Lost Ark?

The Bard isn’t necessarily better than the Paladin in terms of healing, but the Bard has the ability to choose who to buff or heal within her party, while the Paladin provides healing for all his allies albeit in a more gradual manner.

The Bard’s selective healing allows her to babysit specific party members, making her great for supporting less experienced players who have a tendency to overextend and get themselves in trouble. Her Identity Skill will heal faster than the Paladin as well and can easily be recharged thanks to Bard’s long-ranged skills.

On the other hand, Paladin’s support kit includes DPS buffs, damage mitigation, and healing. And since the Paladin is a melee class, you need to be comfortable with fighting up close to deal damage, charge up the Paladin’s Identity Meter, and provide the necessary healing and buffs to allies.

What is the best way to heal in Lost Ark?

If you do not have a Bard or Paladin in your class, you can simply heal using potions or food items.

Potions are by far the most prominent way to heal in Lost Ark, which is why players invest a ton of resources in crafting potions or purchasing them in-game. Food items also provide healing but these cannot be used if your character is currently ‘full’ from ingesting food.

In some PvP casual arenas, HP potions can spawn in the middle of the arena while you’re in battle. These provide instant heals and allow you to get back in the battle if your HP gauge is running low.

Do you need a tank and a healer in Lost Ark?

There is no dedicated tank or healer class in Lost Ark, per se, but there are classes that can tank more damage than others like the Gunlancer and Berserker, and classes that can provide healing such as the Bard and Paladin.

You do not need to have either class in a team to be successful in Lost Ark. What matters more is your team’s ability to coordinate strategies regardless of your current class composition. With that said, having a Bard or Paladin in your team will go a long way in ensuring that you can survive through any type of endgame content thanks to the shields, buffs, and healing these two classes provide.


You can’t go wrong with the Bard or Paladin if you’re looking to play a support class that can provide healing to your allies. Both classes will have their pros and cons, so it all comes down to your preferred playstyle and what you’re looking for when choosing in a class in Lost Ark.

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