Foggy Ridge Island Guide Lost Ark

Where is Foggy Ridge?

Foggy Ridge can be found within the bay in the northwestern part of Vern. The island sits west of Fesnar Highland and north of the Candaria Territory. The Recommended Item Level for Foggy Ridge is 250 and the Admission Period is set to Always, which means you can visit the island as soon as you receive your first ship in Lost Ark.

An island with thick fog. Rumor has it that there are people who have witnessed the Guardian inside the island.

What can you do on Foggy Ridge Island?

There isn’t much in terms of content on Foggy Ridge Island – the island does not have a quest chain, and there is no Island Token or other collectibles on the island aside from Mokoko Seeds.

With that said, Foggy Ridge is an important island as this is where the Guardian Investigation/Subjugation starts before the quest chain sends you to other locations across the map. You will find yourself back on Foggy Ridge Island as you complete chain quests around Guardian Raids. More specifically, you’ll go to Foggy Ridge for the following quests:

  • Useful Guardian Knowledge
  • Challenge! Guardian Investigator
  • Silence in the Mist
  • Guardian Slayer
  • A New Partner
  • [Investigation] Dark Legoros (Requires [Subjugation] Vertus)
  • [Subjugation] Dark Legoros
  • [Investigation] Levanos (Requires [Subjugation] Lava Chromanium)
  • [Subjugation] Levanos
  • [Investigation] Velganos (Requires [Subjugation] Night Fox Yoho)
  • [Subjugation] Velganos
  • [Investigation] Dark Legoros
  • [Subjugation] Dark Legoros
  • [Investigation] Levanos
  • [Subjugation] Levanos

Foggy Ridge Rewards

Because Foggy Ridge does not have an island quest chain, there aren’t a ton of rewards to collect on the island. However, since Foggy Ridge is the hub for Guardian Investigation quests, you will claim a ton of rewards from Guardian Investigator Luna on Foggy Ridge after you complete quests from other locations in the game.

  • Dark Grenade (Bound) x3
  • Flare (Bound) x13
  • Flame Grenade (Bound) x9
  • Pheromone Bomb (Bomb) x3
  • Uncommon HP Potion (Bound) x12
  • Vitality Increase Potion x2
  • Elemental HP Potion x2
  • Whirlwind Grenade (Bound) x9
  • Swiftness Robe (Bound) x6
  • Gold x875
  • Courage +5

Foggy Ridge Mokoko Seeds Locations

As mentioned earlier, Mokoko Seeds are the only collectible you will find on Foggy Ridge. Fortunately, finding all three Mokoko Seeds on the island is very easy, as the Mokoko Seeds are sitting in the open and do not require Sheet Music to be accessed.

Below are all the Mokoko Seeds locations for Foggy Ridge:


You can think of Foggy Ridge as a hub for Guardian Investigation/Subjugation quests rather than a typical standalone island with its quest chain and collectibles. Foggy Ridge does not have its quest chain, but you will find yourself on the island frequently as you complete Guardian Investigation/Subjugation quests in Lost Ark. While you’re on the island, head for the eastern end and look for the Mokoko Seeds there to add three Mokoko Seeds to your collection.

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