Lost Ark Gravis Island Guide

Where is Gravis Island?

Gravis Island (also known as Resort Gravis) can be found northeast of Punika or northwest of Rethramis. You can visit Gravis Island anytime, but make sure your character is at least Item Level 460 before you sail to the island so you won’t have trouble dealing with enemies.

You will find an Island Token, four Mokoko Seeds, and various other rewards and quests on this island, including a Quest Chain that spans multiple islands and regions.

How to Get the Gravis Island Token

You can get the Gravis Island Token by completing the chain quest that starts from Arthetine, moves to Peyto, then to Aiwana Island, and ends in Revelry Row. The Chain Quest starts with The Perfect Getaway in Arthetine, so make sure you head to Arthetine first and complete that quest.

Here are the Quests in the Chain Quest in exact order.

  1. The Perfect Getaway (Reporter Augenstern Ant, Arthetine)
  2. Island of Dreams (Volta, Peyto)
  3. Unforgettable Night (Handsome Ronald, Aiwana Island)
  4. The Ultimate Vacation (Club Avenue Manager, Revelry Row)

Not only will you get the Gravis Island Token in the series of Chain Quests, but you will also get the Aiwana Island Token along the way as well.

Gravis Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

Aside from the Gravis Island Token, you will also find four Mokoko Seeds on Gravis Island. The good news is all the Mokoko Seeds on Gravis are located in easy-to-reach areas and do not require special Sheet Music such as the Song of Resonance.

You can find the first Mokoko Seed in the southwestern part of the island. Look for a hut with multiple barrels and on its balcony should be Mokoko Seed #1.

Mokoko Seeds #2 and #3 are hidden in a secret area. Head to the location marked below to find the secret entrance then just walk past the entrance to find Mokoko Seeds #2 and #3.

The last Mokoko Seed on Gravis Island can be found in the open area in the middle of the island. Look for a patch of dry land with palm trees and next to the leftmost palm tree should be Mokoko Seed #4.

Gravis Island Quests and Rewards

There isn’t much in terms of island-specific Quests on Gravis Island, as the island is part of a Chain Quest that involves Arthetine, Peyto, Aiwana Island, and Revelry Row. There is, however, one Side Quest and Una’s Task that you will find on Gravis Island.

Here are all the Quests, Tasks, and Rewards you can expect on Gravis Island.

Quests and Rewards

  • The Perfect Getaway
    • Gold x10
    • Silver x100
  • Island of Dreams
    • Aiwana Island Token
    • Lavish Destruction Stone Chest x9
    • Lavish Guardian Stone Chest x25
    • Lavish Life Stone Chest x8
  • Unforgettable Night
    • Sailing Coin Selection Chest x5
    • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x3
    • Silver x18,000
    • Charisma +1
  • The Ultimate Vacation
    • Gravis Island Token
    • Lavish Destruction Stone Chest x3
    • Lavish Guardian Stone Chest x6
    • Lavish Life Stone Chest (L)
    • Gold x50

Gravis Island Side Quest

  • True Rest
    • Stat Increase Potion
    • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest x6
    • Delicate Box with Large Shielding Crystals x2
    • Silver x10,000

Una’s Task – Treasure of Gravis

  • Help for Happiness
    • Tier 1 – 3,000 Silver
    • Tier 2 – 2,000 Silver
    • Tier 3 – Vitality Increase Potion, Craft Recipe: Brown Sunbed, Silver 13,000.


The challenging thing about getting the Gravis Island Token is the Chain Quest that links it to other islands and regions like Arthetine and Peyto. Complete the Chain Quest, however, and you will get both the Gravis Island Token and the Aiwana Island Token.

Aside from the Island Token, getting the four Mokoko Seeds on the island and completing the Side Quest and Una’s Task should be fairly easy on Gravis Island.

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