How to Get the Walpurgis Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Walpurgis Island?

Walpurgis Island is located in the Asharte Ocean north of Elzowin’s Tears and Northeast of Rohendel in Lost Ark. You can visit the island as soon as you unlock the ability to sail in the game, but make sure you have at least Item Level 635, so you don’t have trouble dealing with enemies on the island.

You will find a Dungeon, an Island Soul, three Mokoko Seeds, and several Island Quests that give out various loots on Walpurgis Island.

How do you get the Walpurgis Island Token in Lost Ark?

The Walpurgis Island Token is an RNG drop from defeating the boss Rasakiel in the Island Dungeon Night of Walpurgis. However, you first have to complete the Main Questline on Walpurgis Island to unlock the Night of Walpurgis Dungeon.

After you have unlocked the Night of Walpurgis Dungeon, you can start your dungeon runs to get the Island Token. As mentioned earlier, the Walpurgis Island Token is an RNG drop from Rasakiel, which means you will have to come back a later time if you don’t score the Island Token the first time.

Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to clear Night of Walpurgis, given you have at least Item Level 460. Clearing all the enemies and defeating Rasakiel should be a straightforward affair that you can repeat multiple times until you get the Island Token.

Walpurgis Island Quests and Rewards

Aside from an Island Token and three Mokok Seeds, you can also get the following rewards for completing Quests on Walpurgis Island.

  • Prisoners of the Soul Prison
    • Creation Fragment x4
    • Silver x10,000
  • Repair the Magic Barrier
    • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x5
    • Silver x10,000
  • The Nightmare of Walpurgis
    • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x2
    • Gold x50
    • Silver x20,000

You can also get the following loot from defeating Rasakiel in the Night of Walpurgis Dungeon:

  • Walpurgis Island Token
  • Iron Wall
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Guardian Stone Fragment

What is the Rarest Island Token in Lost Ark?

The rarest or most difficult Island Token to get in Lost Ark is arguably the Island Token on the Isle of Yearning, due to the two stages of RNG you need to overcome to get the Desperation Isle Token.

To get the Desperation Isle Token (Isle of Yearning), you need to find and defeat a Slow Turtle Captain for a small chance to get Setino’s Bag. Once you have Setino’s Bag, you then have to hope that the bag contains the Desperation Isle Token. If it doesn’t you’ll have to defeat the Slow Turtle Captain again and hope he drops Setino’s Bag again. Rinse and repeat.


Like other Island Tokens in Lost Ark, the Walpurgis Island Token is an RNG drop from defeating an island boss. In this case, you need to defeat Rasakiel in the Night of Walpurgis Dungeon for a chance to get the Walpurgis Island Token.

Keep in mind, however, that you can only access the dungeon after you have completed the Walpurgis Island Questline. Upon arriving on the island, make sure you prioritize and complete the Island Quests first, so you can take on the dungeon as soon as possible.

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