Is the Artillerist Any Good?

Artillerist Class in Lost Ark

The Artillerist class belongs to the Gunner class in Lost Ark – a class generally known for its high mobility and long-range damage capability. However, unlike the Artillerist’s more mobile counterparts in the Gunslinger and Sharpshooter, the Artillerist trades mobility for sheer firepower and heavy armor.

The Artillerist class’ Identity Skill can turn the slow and bulky Gunner into an even slower but more powerful unit thanks to Turret mode. While in Turret mode, the Artillerist trades all of its mobility (becomes a stationary unit) for even more firepower, giving the Artillerist the ability to solo PvE content and most bosses in Lost Ark.

Is the Artillerist good in Lost Ark?

The Artillerist is a very good class in Lost Ark that packs a ton of AoE damage in a fun and easy-to-use package.

The Artillerist carries a good mix of raw AoE damage and crowd-control skills to help set up said AoE skills. Gravity Explosion, for example, gives the Artillerist the ability to gather mobs before blasting them to pieces with AoE skills such as Flamethrower or Napalm Shot.

Aside from skills that deal raw damage, the Artillerist also carries skills that allow it to summon a shield that blocks damage and another skill that gives it damage buffs.

Best Build for the Artillerist in Lost Ark

You can build the Artillerist with multiple Engravings in Lost Ark but it is if you focus on building the Firepower Enhancement or Barrage Engravings.

Firepower Enhancement

Firepower Enhancement gives the Artillerist improved damage reduction and Crit Rates. The amount of damage reduced is fixed at 30% while the Crit Rate depends on the current level of your Firepower gauge. (25,30, or 35% at levels 1,2, and 3, respectively)


The Barrage Engraving enhances Barrage Mode by resetting all Barrage skills whenever you kill an enemy. This will allow the Artillerist to deal even more burst damage in its small burst window. The Firepower meter also refills 30% faster with Barrage.

As good as the skill cooldown resets are for in the Barrage Engraving, this Engraving focuses mostly on Turret mode to deal the most damage. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the Artillerist, you must remember that you’ll become an easy target since Turret mode locks you in a stationary position.

With that said, if you have no problems landing skills in Turret mode, you can unleash a deadly succession of skills through Turret mode thanks to the cooldown reset offered by the Barrage Engraving.

On the other hand, the Firepower Enhancement can improve the Artillerist’s DPS output for all skills, making it a great Engraving that can help the Artillerist deal more consistent damage.

Aside from Engravings, you need to prioritize the Swiftness stat when building the Artillerist. This will give the class more movement speed, shorter cast times, and reduced cooldowns to help curb the Artillerist’s lack of mobility. After Swiftness, prioritize Crit stats so you can deal even more damage.

How to play the Artillerist in Lost Ark?

As an Artillerist, it is your job to deal as much damage as you possibly can from your skills, so you can fill up your Firepower meter and transition to Turret mode to deal even more burst damage.

Fortunately, the Artillerist’s skills aren’t too difficult to land, and you do not get punished too much for missing your targets thanks to the Artillerist’s above-average survivability. Just make sure you throw as many Skills as you can to fill up your Identity Skill Gauge as quickly as possible and take advantage of Barrage Mode.


The Artillerist class is a very good class for players looking to deal AoE damage from long-range. Despite the class’ lack of mobility, it possesses some of the best damage potentials in the game.

The Engravings you choose when building your Artillerist come down to your preferred playstyle. You can’t go wrong with either since both offer a decent set of buffs that ultimately improve the Artillerist’s effectiveness in battle.

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