How Good is the Aeromancer In Lost Ark?

What is the Aeromancer class in Lost Ark?

The Aeromancer is a new sub-class that belongs to an also new class called Specialist. Other notable subclasses that belong to the Specialist subclass include the Artist and Alchemist.

The Aeromancer was announced back in LOA Winter 2021 alongside its other Specialist counterparts in the Artist and Alchemist. Since its announcement back in late 2021, Smilegate has released an official trailer for the new class and numerous gameplay demos have surfaced on the internet a few months after that.

Is the Aeromancer a good class in Lost Ark?

A quick look at gameplay demos on the internet will show the Aeromancer as a highly-mobile mage class that features flashy movements that somewhat resemble a cross between a Sorceress and a Deathblade.

Where the Aeromancer fits in the current Lost Ark PvE and PvP meta is yet to be determined, but as more and more players get their hands on the new class and experiment with different builds, we should soon get a better picture of how the Aeromancer fits in various team compositions in Lost Ark.

Aeromancer Abilities in Lost Ark

The Aeromancer takes her command over the elements to control crowds of enemies, deal AoE damage, and provide powerful buffs to herself and her teammates.

Aeromancer Skills

Some of the Aeromancer’s abilities show a medium-sized AoE-focused skillset that deals damage over time alongside a mobility-based move that is very similar to the Deathblade’s somersault skill.

A few of her water and wind-based abilities also serve as crowd-control tools that draw enemies together into small groups, setting them up for a more powerful fire-based AoE skill.

Aeromancer Identity Skills

Aeromancer’s Identity Skills give her the ability to summon winds that gives her party and herself an attack damage buff. Her second Identity Skill allows her to summon a large rain ring that moves with her, the ring deals damage over time and provides damage buffs to herself and her party members. Lastly, the Aeromancer’s third Identity Skill allows her to use her umbrella to block and parry incoming projectile attacks.

When is the Aeromancer coming to Lost Ark?

The Aeromancer is scheduled for a late-2022 release date for Korean servers, which means NA will probably get the Aeromancer sometime in 2023 or early 2024. The Artist has just recently been released for Lost Ark NA, so expect to see the Aeromancer in-game soon.

Korean servers are top-priority when it comes to new updates and content in Lost Ark, this is because Smilegate itself is handling all the updates and content for KR. NA Lost Ark is trailing far behind in terms of update cadence. New classes seem to come every two months for NA, but many players express their disappointment with the lack of content in NA compared to KR.


The Aeromancer reveal back in LOA Winter 2021 has many Lost Ark fans excited about the mage/assassin/support tribrid in the Aeromancer.

KR will get first dibs on the new class as with all new class releases, which means NA and other regions will have to turn to streamers and other content to learn about the new class’ abilities for now.

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