How to Play the Gunlancer in Lost Ark

Is the Gunlancer a good class in Lost Ark?

The Gunlancer is a very good class in Lost Ark. Like its other Warrior cousins, the Gunlancer offers very good damage capability in a very durable package.

Gunlancers are possibly even tankier than the Berserker or the Paladin, thanks to the Gunlancer’s Defensive Stance Identity Skill which blocks incoming damage and gives the class push immunity. Gunlancers can then use their superior durability to close the gap on the toughest enemies and deal decent damage with either Lance Skills or Normal Skills.

Depending on the Engravings you go with for the Gunlancer, you can end up having an even tankier defense-focused class a very good leveling capability, or an offensive class that can deal massive damage to bosses.

Stats to prioritize with the Gunlancer in Lost Ark

The stats you need to prioritize with the Gunlancer depends greatly on the Engravings you end up going with.

If you go for the Lone Knight (Red Gunlancer) build, you will want to farm Specialization stats to improve Lancer Skill damage even further. If you went for the Combat Readiness (Blue Gunlancer) build, you will want to amass Swiftness stats instead to help reduce your Normal Skill cooldowns.

For both Engravings, you need to build Crit stats as your secondary Stat to give your Skills more damage, which will allow you to clear mobs and deal massive damage to bosses.

Best Engravings for the Gunlancer in Lost Ark

You can build the Gunlancer in one of two ways in Lost Ark – Lone Knight or Combat Readiness. You will hear most players refer to these two main Engravings as the Blue Gunlancer or the Red Gunlancer, respectively.

Lone Knight (Red Gunlancer)

Lone Knight gives the Gunlancer a 5% Crit Rate and a 30% Crit Damage bonus for all Lance Skills. This Engraving trades Shield Meter consumption for more damage.

Combat Readiness (Blue Gunlancer)

Combat Readiness gives the Gunlancer a 20% damage buff to all Normal Skills. You can get up to 60% bonus damage to Normal Skills whenever you take damage from enemies while in your Defensive Stance.

Defensive Stance also gives a 30% damage reduction.

How to play the Gunlancer in Lost Ark

Gameplay between the Lone Knight and the Combat Readiness Gunlancer will differ quite as one build offers a more forgiving gameplay while the other provides a comparatively more satisfying yet more challenging gameplay.

To play the Lone Knight (Red Gunlancer), you will need to have good knowledge of boss attack patterns to deal maximum damage. Since Lance Skill-based attacks require quite a bit of charge time, you need to know when to commit to your Lance Skills to deal decent DPS consistently.

When playing the Combat Readiness Gunlancer (Blue Gunlancer), you can simply tank most enemy attacks and take enemies head-on thanks to the push immunity that Defensive Stance provides. From behind Defensive Stance, you can then use charge-based attacks to deal damage to enemies.

Both builds will have their pros and cons, but while most players end up transitioning to the Red Gunlancer due to its relatively more fun gameplay, the Blue Gunlancer still has its place in the meta thanks to its monstrous durability and push immunity.


If you’re looking to play an even tankier Warrior class in Lost Ark, then look no further than the Gunlancer. You can make the Gunlancer even tankier by going with the Combat Readiness build which gives you insane push immunity and even more damage resistance.

If you ever get bored of the Combat Readiness build, you can transition into the Lone Knight build to get the highest DPS potential. Just be aware of the stricter timing this build commands brought by the long charge times of your Skills.

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