How to Combine Gems in Lost Ark

What are Gems for in Lost Ark?

Gems are a Tier 2-3 system that improves your character’s Damage output and Skill Cooldowns.

There are just two types of Gems in Lost Ark – Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction Gems, where the level of these gems dictate the amount by which damage or cooldown reduction increases.

Gems can range from Level 1 to 10, with Levels 9 and 10 providing the most substantial Damage and Cooldown Reduction buffs.

What does Combining Gems do in Lost Ark?

Combining Gems, or Gem Synthesis, as it is known in-game, is a feature that lets you combine three gems of the same level into one gem of a higher level.

Gem Synthesis has a 100% success rate, but the outcome of the Synthesis is always random. You can combine Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction gems to create a higher-level gem, but you cannot convert Damage Increase gems into Cooldown Reduction gems and vice versa.

You can also use Gems for a different class in the three-gem Synthesis. The resulting gem will with a higher-level gem for your class.

How to Combine Gems in Lost Ark?

You can start combining gems through the Gem Synthesis Window, which you can open by pressing the button next to the Dismantle button in the bottom left corner of your inventory window.

Combine gems by picking three of the same level and place them in the empty slots in the Gem Synthesis Window.

As mentioned in the previous section, you can combine Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction Gems as long as they’re of the same level. After selecting the three gems you want to Synthesize, click the ‘Synthesize’ button to combine the three gems into a single gem of a higher level.

You can also click on the Gem Level buttons in the bottom part of the window to automatically combine all the gems in your inventory into a single gem with your selected level of choice.

Alternatively, you can click the ‘Auto’ button to automatically combine gems lower than your selected level from your inventory. This will give you the ability to turn multiple useless gems into a single gem, freeing up valuable space in your inventory.

Do Gems stack in Lost Ark?

Gems do not stack in Lost Ark, and you are limited to just one Damage Increase Gem and one Cooldown Reduction Gem per Skill.

You can, however, mix and match Damage Increase Gems and Cooldown Reduction Gems of the same level and combine them using Gem Synthesis. You can also reroll a gem from a different class and convert it into a gem for your class through the Gemologist NPC found in major cities around the game.


You can combine three gems of the same level to get a single gem of a higher level than all three gems’ levels. Higher-level gems will give you more powerful Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction buffs and are a must-have for maximizing your character’s endgame potential in Lost Ark.

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