How to Complete the Unbreakable Beat Quest in Lost Ark

What is Unbreakable Beat?

Unbreakable Beat is a quest on Revelry Row that gives out the Revelry Row Island Token as a reward. Unlike most quests in Lost Ark, Unbreakable Beat is not readily accessible on Revelry Row, and you’ll need to unlock this quest by completing Una’s Task “Cocktail in Hand” six times.

Cocktail in Hand is an easy quest you can clear in a few days. On the other hand, Unbreakable Beat will require more effort, but the quest requirements are certainly doable with enough time.

How to Unlock and Complete Unbreakable Beat

Before you can take on Unbreakable Beat, you must complete the Una’s Task: Cocktail in Hand six times. After you unlock Unbreakable Beat, head to Peyto and acquire the Emote: Sway – you will need Emote: Sway to progress in Unbreakable Beat.

Once you have the Unbreakable Beat quest, progress through the quest objectives until the quest asks you to “Collect the rare, legendary sheet music.” At this part of the quest, you must complete the following objectives:

  • Harvest a Guardian Soul (from any Guardian Raid)
  • Finish Sailing Gates (Use the Key of Harmony on any Sailing Co-op Event)
  • Complete Floor 25 of the Shadespire Tower

After you complete these three requirements, head to Harmony Island and look for the Legendary DJ. You will need the Emote: Sway to complete the quest, so acquire this Emote from Peyto before heading to Harmony Island. Once you have Sway, head back to Revelry Row and talk to the Legendary DJ on the island to complete the quest.

Unbreakable Beat Quest Rewards

One of the reasons you’ll want to complete the Unbreakable Beat Quest is the Revelry Row Island Token. You can get the Revelry Row Island Token for completing Unbreakable Beat alongside other valuable loot.

  • Revelry Row Island Token
  • High Seas Coin Chest x5
  • Rare Engraving REcipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x4
  • Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x3
  • Silver x28,000

Where to find the Cocktail in Hand quest in Lost Ark

You can find the Cocktail in Hand quest on Revelry Row in Lost Ark. Cocktail in Hand is Una’s Task that you must complete six times to unlock the Revelry Row quest Unbreakable Beat.

This Una’s Task is straightforward – help an exhausted worker by working part-time on Revelry Row. Your job is to pick up cocktails on the table and give them to guests on the island. Complete this Una’s Task, and you will receive Roster XP, Reputation Points, Solar Grace (Bound), and Minor Combat XP potion.


The Unbreakable Beat quest is a long quest that you must complete to get the Revelry Row Island Token in Lost Ark. The most challenging part about this quest is the fact that you need to unlock it by completing the Una’s Task “Cocktail in Hand” six times, completing a Guardian Raid, waiting for a Sailing Co-op Quest, and clearing Floor 25 of the Shadespire Tower.

Fortunately, after you complete those requirements, the rest of the quest is smooth sailing, as you’ll only need to talk to the Legendary DJ on Harmony Island and then sail back to Revelry Row to complete the quest.

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