How to Get Ship Skins in Lost Ark

How do Ship Skins work?

Ship Skins are cosmetics you can apply to your ship in Lost Ark. Like character skins, Ship Skins not only change your ship’s look but also carry bonuses and perks that can significantly improve your ship’s stats and abilities.

One Ship Skin that applies to all ship models in Lost Ark is Hermida’s Song.

The Hermida’s Song gives your ship 12 Resistance Points you can assign to the Resistance of your choice. In addition, Hermida’s Song also adds two passive skills – Inexhaustible Power and Fast Route. Inexhaustible Power gives your ship a 30% chance to instantly refill its Fast Sailing Meter by two ticks to full, while Fast Route auto-triggers Fast Sailing whenever it is ready (only works when you have a route set)

Other ship skins can add up to two unique skill effects to your ship when equipped. Refer to the ship skin list below to learn about each ship skin’s bonuses and effects.

Where to Find Ship Skins in Lost Ark

There are seven Ship Skins in the game right now. Six of these skins can be used interchangeably between all ship models, with the last one only usable on the Sturmbrecher.

Below is a complete list of Ship Skins and where to find them in Lost Ark.

  • Hermida’s Song – Lost Ark Shop (420 Crystals)
  • Aufhaven MK-I – Lost Ark Shop (420 Crystals)
  • WS-4 – Lost Ark Shop (360 Crystals)
  • Blooming Eurus – Village Chief Totoma (1,000 Mokoko Seeds)
  • Tortoyk Arong Turtle – Opher, The Lonely Island (80 Island Souls)
  • Notos Orca – 6,600 Amythyst Shards
  • Jack-O’-Lantern the Wanderer – Halloween Special Package (2022), 3,500 Royal Crystals.

How do you equip Ship Skins?

You can equip Ship Skins in Lost Ark by going to the nearest dock and entering Docking Mode (default Z on your keyboard). In the Dock Menu, select the ship you want to apply a skin, click the Skin List button, and choose the skin you want to use.

You can swap Ship Skins as many times as you like. There is no use limit to Ship Skins in the game, so feel free to try out the same skin on a different ship if you feel like it.

All Ship Skins in Lost Ark

As mentioned earlier, there are only seven ship skins in Lost Ark. Of the seven skins, six can be used on any ship in the game. Below is a more detailed list of all Ship Skins in Lost Ark, which includes the amount of Resistance each skin provides as well as the Skills they add to your ship in the game.

Ship Skin: Hermida’s Song

  • 12 Resistance Points
  • Skill 1: [Specialization] Inexhaustible Power – adds a 30% chance of restoring 400 Fast Sailing.
  • Skill 2: [Passive] Fast Route – Automatically triggers Fast Sailing while Auto Sailing.

Ship Skin: Aufhaven MK-I

  • 12 Resistance Points
  • Skill 1: [Active] Evasion Maneuver: Basic Sailing Speed +15 knots for 3s at the cost of -150 Durability.
  • Skill 2: [Passive] Emergency Repair: Restores 15% of max durability when wrecked. Cooldown 30m.

Ship Skin: WS-4

  • 12 Resistance Points
  • Skill 1: [Active] Stealth: Conceals ship from Wandering Ghosts for 10m. (Effect is canceled if the skin is removed)
  • Skill 2: [Passive] Fast Route: Automatically triggers Fast Sailing while Auto Sailing.

Ship Skin: Blooming Eurus

  • 9 Resistance Points
  • Skill 1: [Active] Onboard Banquet: +1 Base Sailing Speed for 5m. (Requires Onboard Banquet Goods sold by Tea and Libra Guild Vessel. Effect disappears when a crew with the skill is removed from the ship or if the skin is removed)
  • Skill 2: N/A

Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle

  • 9 Resistance Points
  • Skill 1: [Passive] Specialization: Golden Fotsam: Makes Golden Flotsam brighter on the minimap.
  • Skill 2: [Passive] Fast Route – Automatically triggers Fast Sailing while Auto Sailing.

Ship Skin: Notos Orca

  • 12 Resistance Points
  • Skill 1: [Active] Shake Off Kelp: Remove seaweed by jumping out of the water. (Ignores Kelp Bed penalties for 10m. The effect is canceled when the skin is removed.)
  • Skill 2: [Passive] Swift Courier: +6 Base Sailing Speed when your ship has 2 or less crew.

Ship Skin: Jack-O’-Lantern the Wanderer

  • Skill 1: [Passive] Revive wrecked ship with 50% max Durability. 60m Cooldown.


Ship Skins aren’t too difficult to get in Lost Ark, as most ship skins can be bought from the in-game Shop or acquired by collecting enough Mokoko Seeds and Island Souls.

It might be worth investing in ship skins, as you’ll eventually spend more and more time sailing as you jump from one content to another in the endgame. These optional cosmetic items carry valuable passive and active bonuses that can speed up your travel and make island-hopping a bit easier.

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