How to Get the Hypnos Eyes Token in Lost Ark

Where is Hypnos’s Eyes?

Hypnos’s Eyes is an island in the southwestern part of the World Map in Lost Ark. You can find the island within the Hypnos Sea just north of Punika and northwest of Rethramis.

While most islands in Lost Ark are available from the get-go, Hypnos’s Eyes will require you to unlock it first via a quest on Gravis Island called “Scoop, Hypnos’s Eyes”. After you acquire that quest, Hypnos’s Eyes will become available.

How to Get the Hypnos Eyes Token

The Hypnos’s Eyes Token is a Rapport reward for reaching Trusted Rapport with Blue-Eyed Calvasus on Hypnos’s Eyes.

50,200 Rapport Points are required to reach Trusted Rapport with Blue-Eyed Calvasus, and you can slowly collect these points by using Rapport Songs, Emotes, and Gifts.

Before you can Rapport with Calvasus, you must unlock Hypnos’s Eyes first. Acquire and complete the quest “Scoop, Hypnos’s Eyes” from Reporter Burnstein on Gravis.

Hypnos’s Eyes Loot and Rewards

Aside from the Hypnos’s Eyes Island Token, you can also get many loot and rewards from completing quests on Hypnos’s Eyes. Expect to get various collectibles, Stat Potions, Engraving Recipes, Pirate Coins, and more on Hypnos’s Eyes.

  • Hypnos’s Eyes Island Token
  • 9th Giant’s Heart
  • Masterpiece #29
  • Courage Potion
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Stat Increase Potion
  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Predator of the Sea: Tragon
  • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x7
  • Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x4
  • Creation Fragment x5
  • Epic Rapport Chest x5
  • Pirate Coin x49,000
  • Kindness +1
  • Courage +1
  • Wisdom +1

How do you unlock Hypnos’s Eye in Lost Ark?

You can unlock Hypnos’s Eyes by acquiring the quest “Scoop, Hypnos’s Eyes,” which you can find on another island called Gravis. Once at Gravis, look for NPC Reporter Burnstein to accept the quest.

The quest “Scoop, Hypnos’s Eyes” will be your ticket to Hypnos’s Eyes, as the quest will require you to head out to the Sea of Procyon and sail to Hypnos’s Eyes. Help Reporter Burnstein take photos around the area for his story, as he looks to cover the battle among the pirates in Hypnos’s Eyes for the Arthetine newspaper.


The Hypnos’s Eyes Token is one of the most challenging Island Tokens to get in Lost Ark due to the time it takes to reach Trusted Rapport with Blue-Eyed Calvasus. Unfortunately, there is no other way to acquire the Island Token as it is strictly a Rapport reward. You’ll have no choice but to build Rapport with Calvasus daily by using songs emotes, or gifts.

Just make sure you go to Gravis and acquire the Scoop, Hypnos’s Eyes quest from Reporter Burnstein first, or you won’t be able to enter Hypnos’s Eyes.

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