How to Get the Illusion Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Illusion Isle?

Illusion Isle can be found within a small patch of Siren Seas in the Sceptrum Ocean in Lost Ark. You can get to Illusion Isle by sailing north from Vern/Luterra or west if you’re coming from Arthetine.

Illusion Isle is an Adventure Island – unlike most islands in Lost Ark. As with every Adventure Island in the game, the Admission Period for Illusion Isle is dictated by Procyon’s Compass. Illusion Isle is a PvP island as well, so you’ll want to have at least Item Level 250 or greater before you visit the island.

How to Get the Illusion Isle Token

You can get the Illusion Isle Token as an RNG drop from the Illusion Isle Loot – a loot box that you can get for completing the Illusion Isle cooperative PvP quest called Red Waves.

Red Waves will start three minutes after the first player arrives on Illusion Isle. In the PvP event, players must engage and “subdue” each other to collect points. Each kill gives 10 points and all participants’ kills count towards the event’s progress.

During the event, 3-4 random chests will spawn, and each carry the Illusion Isle Loot as well. To open the chests, you must first have a 5-stack attack buff (Mayhem). Refer to the images below to find all the spawn locations so you can head towards those spots when you arrive on the island.

When 1,500 points have been collected, the event will conclude, and players will be rewarded with various loots, the most important of which is the Illusion Isle Loot.

Can you get the Illusion Isle Token alone?

You can get the Illusion Isle Token while playing alone on Illusion Isle. You will find two chests on the island, which you can only open while having 5 stacks of Mayhem buff. Interact with tombstones found on the island to get the buff then head to the two chests on the island and open them.

With that said, the most reliable way of acquiring the Illusion Island Token is by participating in the Red Waves co-op event on the island. You will get a guaranteed Illusion Isle Loot by doing so, and you also get a chance to open 3-4 random chests that spawn randomly during the event. These chests also contain the Illusion Isle Loot and have a small chance of dropping the Illusion Isle Token.

Illusion Isle Rewards

Aside from the co-op event rewards, there isn’t much in terms of content and rewards on Illusion Isle. With that said, expect to get the Illusion Isle Soul, the Illusion Isle Loot, a Secret Map that leads to Adventure: Dolmen, and a variety of Crew Application Forms.

  • Illusion Isle Soul
  • Secret Map
  • Adventure: Eye of the South Sea
  • Crew Application: Pupuring
  • Crew Application: Fungwang
  • Crew Application: Bharat
  • Crew Application: Anabel
  • Crew Application: Ratina
  • Crew Application: Beraid
  • Crew Application Wilheim


Like some islands in Lost Ark, getting the Illusion Isle Token will come down to luck, as the token is an RNG drop from opening a specific item found on the island called the Illusion Isle Loot.

Just be patient and keep an eye on the Illusion Isle Admission Periods in Procyon’s Compass so you can participate in the Illusion Isle co-op event to get a guaranteed Illusion Isle Loot. Alternatively, you can head to the island alone, get the Mayhem buff, and search for the two chests that can drop the Illusion Isle Loot.

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