How to Get the Tranquil Isle Token in Lost Ark

Where is Tranquil Isle?

Tranquil Isle is located in the Wall of Procyon, Northwest of Vern, South of Rowen, and Northeast of Rohendel.

Tranquil Isle is an Adventure Island, which means the Admission Period for the island only spawns according to schedules dictated by Procyon’s Compass. Tranquil Isle also has a relatively high Recommended Item Level of 805, so you might want to bump up your character’s item level before you head for the island.

How to Get the Tranquil Isle Token

The Tranquil Isle Token is an RNG drop from defeating Specter Lord or the Elite Monsters that spawn during the co-op quest.

The former will require players to play the Requiem of Twilight uninterrupted, while in the latter, monsters only spawn when the co-op quest’s remaining time reaches 9:00, 7:30, and 4:20.

Only one player is required to play the Requiem of Twilight to successfully spawn Specter Lord. However, since there’s a good chance this player will be interrupted by the monsters that spawn in the area during the event, other participants must work together to protect the player channeling the Requiem of Twilight.

Once the Specter Lord spawns, all that’s left is to work together to beat the boss. However, because the Tranquil Isle Token is an RNG drop, you might not get the Island Token after beating the Specter Lord. Just come back another time for another chance at the Island Token.

Don’t forget to slay the Elite Monsters that spawn at 9:00, 7:30, and 4:20, as these monsters also have a small chance of dropping the Tranquil Isle Token.

Minimum Players to Succeed in the Tranquil Isle Co-op Quest

You can complete the Tranquil Isle co-op quest with as little as three players. The key is to keep the mobs alive and simply aggro them away from the player playing the Requiem of Twilight.

While it might seem like common sense to kill the mobs to eliminate them from the island, you have to remember that these mobs also instantly respawn after you kill them. Therefore, keeping the mobs alive and simply drawing them away from the song player is your best bet.

How to Get the Requiem of Twilight

You can get the Requiem of Twilight from Priest Dirus on Tranquil Isle. Complete the quest “Great Discovery” to receive the Requiem of Twilight as a quest reward alongside 5,000 Silver.

The Requiem of Twilight is a song you must use to acquire the Tranquil Isle Token. The boss that drops the Tranquil Isle Token, Specter Lord, will only spawn when you successfully play the Requiem of Twilight uninterrupted during the co-op event on the island.


While you can get the Tranquil Island Token by cheesing the mobs away from the player playing the Requiem of Twilight, most players in the co-op event will likely mindlessly swing away at the mobs. With this in mind, your best bet is to simply try your best to protect whoever is trying to play the Requiem of Twilight and hope they complete the song before monsters interrupt the channeling process.

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