How to Farm Silver in Lost Ark

What is Silver for?

Silver is one of many currencies you’ll encounter in Lost Ark. It is primarily used for Consumables, Honing, Refaceting Gems, Repairs, and Travel.

  • Purchasing Consumables (Potions, Chaos Shards, Cards, Food, etc.)
  • Honing
  • Refaceting Gems
  • Repairs (Ship, Normal Gear, Trade Skill Tools)
  • Travel (Triport, Sea Liners, Bifrost)

Potions are plentiful in the early game of Lost Ark, so you probably never thought twice about using these healing items whenever you’re in a pinch. However, as soon as you complete the game’s main storyline, you’ll find fewer free potions around the game, and the only way to get these valuable healing items later in the game is by purchasing them using Silver.

You’ll also need a healthy pool of Silver to fund your adventures in Lost Ark. Gear and Ship repairs cost relatively little silver, but constant engagements and frequent sailing will quickly deplete your silver reserves. Using Triports, Sea Liners, and the Bifrost also cost a small amount of silver, but can quickly add up as you progress through endgame activities.

With that said, Honing and Refaceting Gems are where you’ll end up spending the most Silver in Lost Ark. While these services don’t matter much in the early game, you’ll quickly blow through millions of Silver as you upgrade your Gear and Reroll Gems in the endgame.

While there are multiple uses for Silver in Lost Ark, there are also multiple ways to farm this valuable currency.

What’s the best way to farm Silver in Lost Ark?

There are multiple ways to get Silver in Lost Ark, with Quests, Una’s Tasks, Rapport, Chaos Dungeons, Cube, Sylmael Bloodstone, Adventure Islands, and Sea Bounties being some of the most common sources of Silver in the game.


For every Quest you complete in Lost Ark, you’ll receive a specific amount of Silver specific to the Quest’s rewards pool. Since Quests are plentiful in Lost Ark, you’ll quickly amass a respectable amount of Silver by simply going through the game’s multiple questlines.

Lopang Island Una’s Tasks

Aside from Quests, you can also get Silver by completing Una’s Tasks. You can get Silver from both Una’s Daily Tasks and Una’s Weekly Tasks for a decent amount of Silver.

Una’s Tasks you want to keep an eye on are the ones on Lopang Island. Una’s Tasks at these locations are the most lucrative Silver-wise:

  • Shushire
  • Vern
  • Arthetine

Depending on your current Item Level, you can get anywhere between 13,680 to 104,400 Silver by completing Una’s Tasks on Lopang Island. The best part? You can come back the next day and complete these three Una’s Tasks again to get a healthy amount of Silver.


Silver can also be acquired through Rapport with various NPCs in Lost Ark. Unfortunately, Rapport isn’t a very reliable means of farming Silver, as you’re required to reach a specific Rapport Level with NPCs to claim Silver rewards.

Nevertheless, since you can build Rapport without spending any money by simply using Rapport Songs or Rapport Emotes, getting Silver from Rapport is still a very cost-effective way to get free Silver in the game.

Chaos Dungeons/Dimensional Cube

Chaos Dungeons are known to give a massive amount of Silver as a reward. You’ll get the most Silver on your first two runs of the day, with subsequent runs giving relatively less Silver.

You can also get a decent amount of Silver from the Dimensional Cube event. Clear as many floors as you can to improve the quality of the box reward and get more Silver.

Sylmael Bloodstone

If you’re part of a Guild in Lost Ark, you can exchange those Sylmael Bloodstones weekly for Siege Silver Chests. Siege Silver Chests contain a decent amount of Silver and can be had for as little as 140 Sylmael Bloodstones.

Adventure Islands/Sea Bounties

Adventure Islands are islands that appear according to Procyon’s Compass schedules. These limited-time islands typically feature island events that give out a decent amount of Silver after you complete them.

You can also get a huge amount of Silver from Sea Bounties. Exchange your Sea Bounties on Peyto for an Adventurer’s Coin Chest which carries hundreds of thousands up to millions of Silvers depending on the rarity.

What is the gold-to-silver exchange rate in Lost Ark?

The gold-to-silver exchange rate in Lost Ark is pretty atrocious at 1 Gold for 100 Silver. Considering the value of Gold in the game, exchanging Silver is not something you’ll want to do, as you’ll quickly deplete your valuable Silver reserves while only getting an insignificant amount of Gold.

There are tons of ways to farm Silver in Lost Ark, and grinding events and completing challenges around the game is by far the most cost-effective option when trying to get Silver in the game.

Can you trade Pirate Coins for Silver in Lost Ark?

No, you cannot trade Pirate Coins for Silver in Lost Ark. You can only use Pirate Coins to purchase from various Merchant Ships in the game and you can only use Silver for other purposes like Honing, Repairs, and purchasing various Consumables.

Quests, Una’s Tasks, Chaos Dungeons, Rapport, and Adventure Islands, are just some of the activities you can do to add Silver to your character’s pockets in Lost Ark.


Silver is one of the most valuable currencies in Lost Ark but it is also one of the most plentiful. And while you can easily blow through a couple of million Silver in a matter of days as you make repairs to your ship and gear, Hone, Refacet Gems, or purchase Consumables such as Potions, you can easily make back the same amount by doing quests, Chaos Dungeons, Adventure Island events, and specific Una’s Tasks.

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