How to Find Caspiel in Lost Ark

Who is Caspiel?

Caspiel is a Level 39 Field Boss in Lost Ark. He has 1,967,454 x23 HP, putting him in the lower end of Field Bosses in the game. Defeating Caspiel will add progress to your Tortoyk Adventurer’s Tome.

Caspiel is a stone giant born from Tortoyk’s body. As Tortoyk took more damage from invading pirates, Caspiel rose from his slumber to fight anyone or anything that caused harm to the great Tortoyk. Don’t be too surprised if you find Caspiel fighting against both stone giants and pirates at his spawn location, as Caspiel is unable to tell friends from foes and attacks anything that comes near.

Where is Caspiel in Lost Ark?

You can find Caspiel in Skyreach Steppe on the island of Tortoyk. Set sail for the Singing Sea in the southeast of Vern or west of Anikka, then dock your ship at Tortoyk Seaswept Woods. Once you’ve docked your ship, use the Triport to teleport to the Rocket Forest Hill Triport.

After you arrive at the Rocky Forest Hill Triport, head east towards the open area. This is where Caspiel spawns.

How often does Caspiel Spawn in Lost Ark?

Caspiel only has 1,967,454 (x23) HP, so expect to see him respawn 30 minutes after being killed. Field Bosses will have different spawn times relative to their total HP, and since Caspiel has a relatively small HP pool, he respawns more frequently than more powerful Field Bosses in the game.

Teleport to the Rocky Forest Hill Triport and head eastward to find Caspiel. If you do not find him there, wait for around 30 minutes and he should respawn in the area.

Caspiel Rewards

You can get Gear, Accessories, Combat Engravings, and other exciting rewards for beating Caspiel. Below is a list of rewards you can expect to get from Caspiel in Lost Ark.

  • 3x Epic Gear
  • 1x Epic Accessory
  • 2 Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
  • Stone of Endurance
  • Epic Secret Map to Lone Elemental’s Demonic Cave (Tier 1)
  • Eternity Essence
  • Rare Caspiel Card


Caspiel is relatively easy to find compared to other Field Bosses in Lost Ark. He is also one of the weakest Field Bosses in the game, so fighting him alone is very doable. Sail to Tortoyk and travel east from the Rocky Forest Hill Triport to find Caspiel. If he’s not present in the area, just wait around thirty minutes and he should respawn in the area eventually.

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