How to Find Lucky Monsters in Lost Ark

What are Lucky Monsters?

A Lucky Monster is a type of monster that does not have a health bar, requiring a specific number of hits to defeat instead. These monsters typically appear in gold portals within Chaos Dungeons and gold rooms in the Cube and have a blue glow around them.

Any monster inside golden portals or rooms is automatically considered a Lucky Monster. These monsters carry a ton of loot, such as Gold and Harmony Shards, making them a valuable find in the game.

How to find Lucky Monsters

You can find Lucky Monsters by entering gold portals found within Chaos Dungeons or gold rooms in the Cube. Gold portals and rooms are rare in their own right, so the chances of finding a Lucky Monster are also generally slim.

When a gold portal or gold room appears in your Chaos Dungeon or Cube run, enter the portal/room, and you should find a Lucky Monster inside. A Lucky Monster will look somewhat transparent and emit a subtle blue glow. These monsters will not have HP bars and require a specific number of hits to kill instead.

Do Tookis count as Lucky Monsters?

Those semi-transparent Tookis on Tooki Island are also considered Lucky Monsters, but they do not drop loot like those found inside gold portals or gold rooms.

With that said, because these Tookis are considered Lucky Monsters, the bonus damage provided by the Pirate Generation set will count on the Lucky Tookis and help boost your participation scores when soloing the Tooki Island Event.

How do I get to Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark?

You can find Chaos Dungeons within major cities in the game. Look for a gold-winged statue in Luterra Castle, Vern, Arthetine, or any major region in the game, and you should find a Chaos Dungeon within their capital city.

Before you can start doing Chaos Dungeon runs, you must unlock Chaos Dungeons by reaching Level 50 and completing “Ealyn’s Request” in North Vern.


Lucky Monsters are rare in Lost Ark, appearing randomly within good portals and gold rooms in Chaos Dungeon and Cube, respectively. These monsters carry tons of loot, specifically gold and Harmony Shards. Lucky Monsters during the Tooki Island Event are also considered Lucky Monsters, but these do not drop loot like the ones found in Chaos Dungeons and Cube.

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