How to Get the Crescent Isle Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Crescent Isle?

In Lost Ark, Crescent Isle can be found between the Sceptrum Ocean, the North Vern Sea, and the East Vern Sea. Crescent Isle is best known for being rich in game, where hunters come frequently for hunting activities.

You can visit Crescent Isle as soon as you unlock the ability to sail in Lost Ark. The island’s Admission Period is Always while its Recommended Item Level is a very low 250.

How to Get the Crescent Isle Token

You can buy the Crescent Isle Token from the Crystallized Scale Exchange Merchant Aldridge for 60 Crystallized Scale. The only challenge in getting the Cresent Isle Token is collecting the Crystallized Scales required to purchase the Crescent Isle Token.

Crystallized Scales can be had by hunting various rabbits on Crescent Isle. However, collecting the 60 scales required to purchase the Crescent Isle Token might take a while as Crystallized Scales are an RNG drop. Fortunately, the process of killing rabbits is easy, and all you need to do is land the Throw Hunting Skill on your targets.

Once you have enough Crystallized Scales, go to Aldridge on the western end of the island and purchase the Crescent Isle Token from him.

Is the Crescent Isle Token worth it?

Island Token, such as the Crescent Isle Token, is worth it, as you can get valuable rewards for collecting a specific number of these tokens in the game.

Head to Opher, The Lonely Island after you collect your first five Island Tokens in Lost Ark to get a Greater Stat Increase Potion. Collect Island Tokens in multiples of five to get even more rewards.

What else can you get with Crystalized Scales?

Aldridge does not sell any other item other than the Crescent Isle Token. The Crescent Isle Token is the only item you can purchase using Crystallized Scales, so there’s no point in collecting more Crystallized Scales from hunting.

Just hunt as many rabbits as you can until you collect the 60 Crystallized Scales required to purchase the Crescent Isle Token. After you get 60 Crystallized Scales, you can stop hunting on Crescent Isle and move on to collect other Island Tokens from other islands in the game.


While getting the Crescent Isle Token is admittedly tedious, it is far from being the most difficult Island Token to get in the game. All you have to do is hunt a bunch of rabbits on Crescent Isle and collect enough Crystallized Scales and you’ll eventually be able to afford the Crescent Isle Token.

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