How to Find Her Majesty’s Secret Hidden Story in Lost Ark

What are Hidden Stories in Lost Ark?

Hidden Stories are side missions where you have to find hidden objects in zones in Lost Ark.

While you do not have to complete these Hidden Stories to complete Lost Ark’s storyline, they are part of the Adventurer’s Tome, making them an important side quest to complete if you’re looking to progress in your Adventurer’s Tome.

Her Majesty’s Secret Hidden Story Locations

Her Majesty’s Secret Takes place in the Fesnar Highland and Balankar Mountains in North Vern. In this Hidden Story, you must find three stones and statues and interact with one after the other to complete the quest.

You can find the first stone in the area called “Tomb of Swords” in the Fesnar Highlands area in North Vern. Head to the eastern part of the Tomb of Swords area and look for a stone with a red marking on it. Interact with the back of the stone to complete the first location.

After you have interacted with the stone with a red marking in the Tomb of Swords, head west from the same location and look for a sword-shaped statue with sword spikes. Interact with the note in front of the statue to complete the second location.

Lastly, head to the Balankar Mountains area and look for the Ancient Elveria dungeon in the north. You can use the Triport in the Veloran’s Hideout area to get there faster.

Enter the dungeon and make your way to the middle of the dungeon to find the last item in the Hidden Story. You should be able to find the Hidden Item along the edge of the balcony as shown below.

Her Majesty’s Secret Hidden Story Rewards

Hidden Stories in Lost Ark does not give out individual rewards after you complete them. Completing these Hidden Stories counts toward your Adventurer’s Tome progress, where you eventually receive rewards after reaching a certain amount of progress.

The Majesty’s Secret Hidden Story belongs to the North Vern Adventurer’s Tome. Here are the rewards you can expect to get for each progress point:

  • 10% – Vitality Increase Potion
  • 20% – Iron Wall
  • 30% – Mount: Gray Stripe Raptor
  • 40% – Larhalt
  • 50% – Masterpiece #7
  • 60% – Skill Point Potion
  • 70% – Vern Royal Merchant Guild’s Invitation
  • 80% – Linderte Goblet
  • 90% – Structure: Ancient Lazenith Statue
  • 100% – Ignea Token: North Vern

How long does it take to finish Lost Ark’s main story?

The amount of time it takes to complete Lost Ark’s Main Story will vary from one player to another. Some players have played up to 40 hours and have only discovered 2 or 7 Arks in the game despite doing only the main quests, and it could take more than 100+ hours of gameplay to complete all the main quests alone.

With that being said, you can get a Powerpass when you complete the East Vern questline (5th Ark). The Powerpass should speed up your progress in the main storyline.


Her Majesty’s Secret is a fairly simple Hidden Story that you can easily complete in your free time in Lost Ark. Refer to the guide above to find all three Hidden Story locations so you can complete and add Her Majesty’s Secret Hidden Story to your North Vern Adventurer’s Tome.

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