How to Find Maneth in Lost Ark

Who is Maneth?

Maneth is an Immortal-type Field Boss in Lost Ark. He is a Level 50 Boss that has 14,337,834 (x23) Health. Defeating him will count toward your progress in the Shushire Adventurer’s Tome.

Resembling a supersized Medieval soldier, Maneth is clad in dark grey armor with thorns adorning each piece of armor. A slight glow emits underneath the same armor, hinting at the ethereal powers contained within him.

Maneth carries a giant mace as his main weapon but utilizes a mix of melee attacks, ethereal blasts, and meteors to drive away his foes. Maneth will also, on occasion, use a spinning mace attack similar to a Barbarian’s Whirlwind attack from Diablo.

Where is the boss Maneth located in Lost Ark?

You can find Maneth in Icewing Heights in the Shushire continent in Lost Ark. He is the second boss in the continent and defeating him counts toward your Shushire Adventurer’s Tome’s completion.

When Maneth has spawned in Icewing Heights, you should see a Boss Icon moving around the minimap indicating Maneth’s location. Head to the location as soon as you can and take on Maneth alone or with your team.

How often does Maneth spawn?

Maneth spawns at least once every two hours in-game and you can find him in Icewing Heights in Shushire. Maneth is relatively weaker than other Field Bosses in Lost Ark, so you should have no problems taking him on alone.

Spawn times for various Field Bosses in Lost Ark vary depending on their total health. Field Bosses with below 10 million HP respawns every 30 minutes after being killed, while Field Bosses with 10-20 million HP will respawn every 2 hours.

The strongest Field Bosses take the longest to respawn as these bosses now fall under the Raid category. Raid bosses respawn on a set schedule, typically from 11-5 AM every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

What is the difference between Field Boss and World Boss in Lost Ark?

Field Bosses (also referred to as World Boss) are powerful enemies that you will find in the open in Lost Ark. There are 22 Field Bosses scattered across the game and each one counts toward their respective location’s Adventurer’s Tome.

The terms Field Boss and World Boss are used interchangeably in Lost Ark but refer to the same type of enemy in-game. Any boss-type enemy found in the open (not within dungeons or quests) is considered a Field Boss/World Boss.

Some Field Bosses will have a Recommended Item Level that reflects their difficulty. Maneth, however, does not have a Recommended Item Level, which means you can take him on as soon as you find him in the open.


Maneth is just one of 22 Field Bosses that you will come across in Lost Ark. You aren’t required to take on Maneth to complete the game, but doing so will check him off your Shushire Adventurer’s Tome.

You can also collect some decent rewards such as Epic Gear, Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipes, Stones, a Secret Map, and possibly a Maneth Card by defeating the possessed soldier.

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