How to Complete The Scent of Blood Quest in Lost Ark

The Scent of Blood Quest Overview

The Scent of Blood is a chain quest that you will find on Shadow Island in Lost Ark. It is a simple chain quest that only requires you to find two Mercenaries in a tower on the island.

Quest Description:

“On the Shadow Island is a tower that’s always surrounded y dark and ominous energy. A great many adventurers have entered it, but only a handful of them have returned.”

Quest Objectives:

  • Find Mercenary Ganecron on the 2nd floor of the Tower.
  • Find Mercenary Kangal on the 4th floor of the Tower.

You can get various rewards such as Silver, XP, Stone Fragments, and Leapstones for completing The Scent of Blood Quest.

Where is Shadow Island?

You can find Shadow Island between the North Vern Sea and the Sceptrum Ocean in Lost Ark. You can use the World Map search to find the island faster. Just type in Shadow Island on the search bar and the World Map will immediately center the island on the map.

Shadow Island has a Recommended Item Level of 250 but you can visit the island anytime. You can find The Scent of Blood Quest, the Shadow Island Token, and the Shadow Island Priests Una’s Task on Shadow Island.

How to complete The Scent of Blood Quest

To start The Scent of Blood Quest, head to the Shadespire tower on the island and talk to the NPC named Rakil.

After you talk to Rakil and accept the quest, head to the second floor of the tower to look for the NPC named Mercenary Ganecron. You will find Mercenary Ganecron lying on the floor. Talk to him to move on to the next objective of the quest.

There will be numerous enemies on each floor but you don’t have to kill them all to complete the quest. Make your way to floors 2 and 4 while ignoring all the monsters to complete the quest faster.

After you talk to Ganecron, head for the fourth floor of the tower and look for Mercenary Kangal. Unfortunately, Mercenary Kangal will already be dead by the time you find him, and there’s nothing you can do about it. After you spot Kangal, just make your way down from the tower and talk to Quest Giver Rakil to complete the quest.

The Scent of Blood Quest Rewards

The Scent of Blood is a very easy quest to complete but one that gives out a decent set of rewards.

  • 1,650 Silver
  • 165 Roster XP
  • x13 Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • x27 Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • x6 Splendid Harmony Leapstone Chest


The Scent of Blood Quest is a quick and easy quest that you can start as soon as you land on Shadow Island. You don’t have to do anything special to complete the quest as you’re only required to find two NPCs within the tower and report back to the quest giver to finish the quest.

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