Tarmakum Spawn Location in Lost Ark

Who is Tarmakum?

There are around 20 World Bosses in Lost Ark, and Tarmakum is one of them. Tarmakum is a dungeon boss you will find in a secret dungeon on Facility X-301. He is a repeatable Boss you can fight against multiple times in the game.

Experimental Tarmakum is a powerful monster fitted with modern armaments. More specifically, Tarmakum is equipped with machine guns, missile launchers, and a single battering ram on his right hand. Despite being fitted with destructive long-range artillery, Tarmakum will supplement his loadout with melee fist attacks during the boss fight.

Tarmakum only spawns in one location in Lost Ark. You can find him on Facility X-301 but you’ll need to complete some prerequisites before you can access his spawn location.

Where does Tarmakum Spawn in Lost Ark?

Tarmakum spawns in a dungeon called Area 7 on Facility X-301. You can gain access to this facility by using the Secret Hideout Access Card. You can get the Secret Hideout Access Card from a repeatable Quest after you complete all Island Quests on Facility X-301.

Because Tarmakum is a World Boss, you can enter his dungeon and fight him multiple times to get various rewards. One of the most sought-after rewards from the Tarmakum Boss Fight is the Facility X-301 Island Soul; an RNG drop from defeating Tarmakum.

Tarmakum World Boss Rewards

Like every other World Boss in Lost Ark, rewards from defeating Tarmakum will always be down to RNG. With that said, here are the rewards you can expect to get by defeating Tarmakum in Lost Ark.

  • Facility X-301 Island Token
  • Tarmakum Card
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Guardian Stone Fragment

The Facility X-301 Island Token is arguably the most valuable loot you can get from Tarmakum. However, you might need to take on Tarmakum multiple times before the Island Token drops for you.

Where is Facility X-301 located?

Facility X-301 is a small island that you can find on the West side of the Arthetine Continent in Lost Ark. Bring up the World Map and look just toward the left side of Arid Path and you should find Facility X-301.

The island should be very easy to find on the World Map. However, if you’re still having trouble finding the island, you can use the World Map search bar to pinpoint Facility X-301’s location on the map.

Knowing where to find Facility X-301 is important as the island is home to Tarmakum’s spawn location.


Tarkmakum’s spawn location in Lost Ark is within a secret dungeon in the game, which you can only access by using the Secret Hideout Access Card. Refer to the guide above to learn how to acquire the item and find Tarmakum’s spawn location in Lost Ark.

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