Easiest Island Tokens in Lost Ark

What are Island Tokens?

Island Tokens (also known as Island Souls) are items you can collect and exchange for valuable loot in Lost Ark. You can collect up to 90 Island Tokens from various islands in Lost Ark but each one will require a unique set of prerequisites to unlock.

Collecting Island Tokens are very similar to collecting Mokoko Seeds. Like Mokoko Seeds, you can acquire Island Tokens and then use those to collect various rewards later in the game. The Island Tokens do not provide any status buffs or bonuses to your character directly, but collect enough Island Tokens and you can get stat bonus potions as rewards.

What are the Easiest Island Tokens in Lost Ark?

As mentioned above, Island Tokens will require you to complete a unique set of prerequisites for each island. Some Island Tokens are notoriously difficult to acquire, while others simply require you to talk to specific NPCs on the island.

With that said, below are some of the Easiest Island Tokens you can get in Lost Ark.

  • Turtle Island – Complete the ‘To the Sea’ Quest on Turtle Island.
  • Giant Mushroom Island – Harvest Mushrooms from a hidden area on Giant Mushroom Island.
  • Starlight Isle – Finish A Starlit Melody.
  • Golden Wave Island – Open trunks around the island to get the Golden Wave Island Token.
  • Opher The Lonely Island – Complete the Island Tokens Quest.
  • Fortuna Island – Destroy Golden and Regular Jars on Fortuna Island.
  • Astella Island – Gather Starts on Astella Island.
  • Serenity Isle – Complete the Revenge Is Mine Quest on Serenity Isle
  • Island of Time – Use your Fishing Trade Skill to create a Magick Jar then travel to Savnak’s location. Defeat him to get the Island of Time Token.
  • Fomona Island – Complete the Purple Quest on Fomona Island.
  • Reminiscence Isle – Complete the Truest Friend Quest.
  • Aiwana Island – Complete the Purple Quest on Aiwana Island.
  • Gravis – Complete the Purple Quest on Bikini Island then complete the Purple Quest on Gravis Island.
  • Slime Island – Work with other players and kill Golden Bell Slime to get the Slime Island Token.
  • Naruni Island – Complete the Purple Quest on Naruni Island.
  • Crescent Isle – Use your Hunting Trade Skill and kill rabbits to get Crystalized Rabbit Scale. Talk to Merchant Aldridge and exchange 60 Crystallized Scales on Crescent Isle to get the Island Token.
  • Alaker Island – Complete the Co-op Mission ‘Be Gone, Chickings’ on Alaker Island. You need to get the Splendid Gold Feather from the Golden Chicking and use that to open the Best Golden Chicken Quest. Complete the Best Golden Chicken Quest to get the Alaker Island Token.
  • Kalthertz – Purchase slaves using Pirate Coins on Kalthertz to get a Chest of Reward or Released Prisoner’s Pouch. Either item will reward you with the Kalthertz Island Token randomly.
  • Facility X-301 – The Facility X-301 Island Token drops randomly after you defeat Experimental Tarmakum.

What do you do with Island Tokens?

You need to collect Island Tokens to collect valuable rewards in Lost Ark, but you need to talk to the Statue of Gienah on Opher the Lonely Island first.

After you offer your Island Tokens to the Statue of Gienah, talk to the Island Soul Reward NPC in the same area to claim Island Token Rewards.

You can start claiming Island Tokens rewards with as little as 5 Island Tokens. More rewards await in the next 5 Island Tokens and the 5 next after that until you collect all 95 Island Tokens in the game.

Island Token Rewards

You can get Island Token Rewards for collecting multiples of five Island Tokens. You can start claiming Island Token Rewards from the Island Token NPC on Opher The Lonely Island with as little as 5 Island Tokens.

  • Greater Stat Increase Potion – 5 Island Tokens
  • Emote: Threaten – 10 Island Tokens
  • Uncommon Wooden Compass – 15 Island Tokens
  • Greater Skill Point Potion – 20 Island Tokens
  • Mount: Golden Moss Turtle – 25 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #3 – 30 Island Tokens
  • Emote: Wave Dance – 35 Island Tokens
  • Luminous Aquamarine – 40 Island Tokens
  • Gienah’s Protection – 45 Island Tokens
  • Protection – 50 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #22 – 55 Island Tokens
  • Secret Map – 60 Island Tokens
  • Oceanic Aquamarine – 65 Island Tokens
  • Structure: Statue of The Goddess – 70 Island Tokens
  • Masterpiece #38 – 75 Island Tokens
  • Ship Skin: Tortoyk Arong Turtle – 80 Island Tokens
  • Secret Map (Adventure: Ice Statue of Woman) – 85 Island Tokens
  • Tidal Aquamarine – 90 Island Tokens
  • Procyon Statue (Stronghold Structure) – 95 Island Tokens


Collecting all 95 Island Tokens in Lost Ark is going to take a long time, so why not start with the easiest Island tokens in the game? Refer to the list above to get a 19-Island Token headstart in Lost Ark and get the Greater Stat Increase Potion and Greater Skill Point Potion from the Island Token NPC on Opher The Lonely Island.

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