How to Get Soul Leaf in Lost Ark

What is Soul Leaf for in Lost Ark?

Soul Leaf is an XP Card that grants 500 XP upon use. The 500 XP bonus you can get from the Soul Leaf is not applied to your character or to your Roster. Instead, Soul Leaf adds XP to the XP pool in your Card Catalog only.

Upon use, Soul Leaf will be consumed and will immediately disappear from your inventory. Soul Leaf cannot be dismantled.

How to Get Soul Leaf

Soul Leaf is one of the most common XP Card boosts in Lost Ark. You can find and acquire Soul Leaf from several sources.

  • Treasure Map Rewards
  • Ghost Ship Rewards
  • Tower Rewards
  • Stronghold Trade Merchant
  • Chaos Dungeon Rewards
  • Professor Farhat
  • Ebony Cube

Wow does Card XP work?

Card XP increases your Card XP Enhancement Points on your Card Catalog in Lost Ark. You can use Card XP Enhancement Points to upgrade your Cards through the Enhance Tab in the Card Catalogue.

Items such as the Soul Leaf provide the Card XP you need for your Card Catalog in Lost Ark. There are other items that boost Card Catalog XP, such as Creation Fragments and Eternity Essence, and all work to provide usable Card XP Enhancement Points.

How do you get Awakening on Card in Lost Ark?

You can ‘Awaken’ a Card in Lost Ark by acquiring a duplicate of the same card and using Silver and Card XP to Awaken it. You can upgrade Cards up to five times to provide stronger buffs and bonuses to your Card Deck.

Awakening a Card more than once will take a long time or a lot of money since duplicate cards are rare in Lost Ark. You can speed up the process by paying 120 Crystals to purchase Card Bundles from the Shop.


You will need Card XP to Enhance your Cards in Lost Ark, and Soul Leaf can definitely help with that by providing 500 XP to your Card XP Enhancement Points.

Soul Leaf is one of few items in the game that provides Card XP Enhancement Points, alongside Creation Fragments and Eternity Essence, making it an essential item to have when you’re looking to Awaken your Cards in Lost Ark.

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